A-Channel episode 02 is OUT!!!

May 14, 2011

Judging by their reaction, it must have been a pretty sight

Here is episode 2! Nothing much to say about this episode other than Yuuko’s accent is uh… “cute” as always.


Here’s the translation of the poem from 11:40:

“In the rain, your smile is just too brilliant. No matter how hard the rain comes down, or how thick the clouds are… They cannot hide your radiant sunlight. Indeed, even if…”

We didn’t put it in the video because it’s cluttering up the screen. We’ll get past this problem on our BD version, if ever. Aside from one obvious Tsukihime reference and a parody, there are nothing else worth mentioning. What? You don’t know “Normal” Bates?! *ahem*

EDIT: I forgot to put one font in the MKV, so the next episode title typesetting will look odd, reverting to default Arial. If the missing font bothers you that much, go download the font HERE. Extract archive, right-click font and click “Install” (for Win7) or drag and drop font to your Fonts folder. Or if you have the know-how, re-mux the release using MKVToolnix. The typesetting should show up like THIS. The AVI version is not affected.

FYI: Working!! 13 is coming very soon.


Go HERE for the updated episodes


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  1. Why are you guys so slow?

  2. @wow:

    We don’t have someone who has free time on their hands! No, seriously. =)

  3. Erm? How soon is Working 13 coming again?

  4. @ranmachua:

    Uh… Well… Uh… We’re still waiting for the translator. =) He was supposed to be finished last week but… You know… =(

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