Kaede Sakura Appreciation Post

May 30, 2011

I was suppose to post this here (subtle self-ad away!), but since I manage both, who gives a crap! *ahem* This post is simply an appreciation post. If you read my older post, she is the best bad-ass character from the anime Kampfer. Seriously, Shizuku, Mikoto, and Aka-meh? They can’t even touch her! Kaede being superior is my opinion and all, but I know I’m right. =) Anyways, here are some screenshots of her in episode 13. Also, spoilers?

– SHiN




  2. @Phycoforce:

    Uh… No, I didn’t. =)

  3. Man, that Kaede~ I really want a second season of this anime.

  4. More like, that Nakajima Megumi ❤

  5. I’m confuse. You wrote that these images are from Ep 13. The 11th episode is when they fight Kaede, the 12th is the Christmas and then there was the fan service episode. So where is this one?

  6. @Mike H:

    The fanservice episode you saw, the one with Shizuku giving Natsuru a foot job, is episode 14. Due to an Earth-shattering event (pun intended), Japan decided to air episode 14 first and 13 a few weeks later. The screenshots I posted came from episode 13 – after the Christmas episode and before the foot job ( 😛 ) episode.

  7. Thank you for clearing that up. I am anxiously awaiting it. Do we have an ETA on a sub? Or has anyone else subbed it already?

  8. @Mike H:

    We’re not fansubbing this and I believe UTW subbed the episode.

  9. They have subbed it. I have watched it.

  10. woo awesome!!!! Thanks for you screenshots! Kaede is fking hot! I’ve been repeating ep 11, 13 and 14 (only for the bathroom scene). Kaede being evil is much cooler than the innocent one. I totally gave up my love over Shizuku and fell into Kaede’s trap x)~

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