We need more Ebert for our subs!

June 3, 2011

Now that I got your attention, hear me out for sec! I noticed we’re not getting any recent comments (for A-Channel and Hanasaku) from the crowd or critics, and that’s kinda alarming because without any comments from you, we can’t tell what part of our subs are in poor quality or need improvement. So… yeah, tell us what you think of our subs! Is it bad? Okay? Total garbage? We strive to improve and we need your help! …aside from obvious troll comments like what happened after we *gasp* thoughtfully translated the title “Hanasaku Iroha.” Yes, we’re very aware that some of you didn’t like it and we took those comments to heart.

There are three places where you can post comments – AniDB, MAL, and the comment field below. Be it negative, neutral or positive, we need them in order to improve.

– SHiN


Or maybe we’re so good that we don’t need comments? Or we’re so slow, no one bothered to download our version? ;_;



  1. I don’t find any problems with your subs, they are always of a high quality and your selection of shows is top notch… please sub Working!! 2 when it starts airing XD

  2. My… my opinion is actually wanted? Ureshiiiiiiiiii T_T

  3. @anonymous:

    Yes. ;_;

  4. Probably won’t download your subs until archiving for BDs, since you’re probably the best group doing Hanasaku.

  5. Waiting for Working

  6. you doing a good job SHiN-gx … looking forward to the last episode of working

  7. One note about Yuri seijin subs : “the “-san” honorific should have been untranslated not by “Miss”.

  8. admit it, you are just feeling lonely…

  9. I really like your translations even if every then and then I hardly agree with some of the choices. Slashing honorifics for instance is a nono on my book, even if you guys get some other “localizations” spot on.

    I am a sad SAD panda about the last episode of Working! right now but you guys deserve our patience and understanding more than anything else, so take the time you need but PLZ finish it ^^

    Other than that, thanks a ton for all your efforts!

    *ps: this whole post seems a bit desperate for attention mind you >< Not that I care or anything, but it still does ;p

  10. @711 @ EvilDevil

    You can also put it as “getting invigorated once praised for the hard work.” =) And yeah, we need more viewer input to improve. 😀

  11. The releases are too slow, so I’ve been DL’ing Doki’s version. If Doki’s has issues (two eps so far have had playback issues) I DL Hatsuyuki’s.

    This is mostly due to the quality being good and the releases being timely, so being able to watch it about the same time every week works out better, especially since it’s released that way in Japan.

    Maybe Hanasaka was oversubbed a bit, but I’d say there is still room for multiple subs, since this is definitely one of those shows where an experienced, insightful TL who likes the show might do better than one who is just getting paid to TL from a script or something.

  12. You guys can also check myanimelist.net to see if there were any comments also.
    I guess the main reason would be that the other groups release those two series pretty quick as some are on episode 8 while you guys are on episode 3, so probably that’s why.

  13. I can only agree with Leon, other groups are faster. But you definitely have great quality, so I download your releases for muxing and archiving.

  14. I agree with the 2 comments above.

  15. Me too.

    Just one question: Where do u find that pic and if there’s more link them.

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