Yuru Yuri

June 21, 2011

Just posting this… because an anime adaptation is coming this July. I hope a certain group of people won’t pick this up.



  1. Are you going to pick this up? Please please please please Pick this!

  2. @xIneptxify:

    We’re pretty much interested so we may pick this up… First we gotta hurry up with A-Channel.

  3. A-Channel is Yuri?

  4. There is yuri subtext in A-Channel.
    Well, i heard about Yuru Yuri ut I know Horrible-Subs will do it, and i think Chihiro will do it too.
    Anyway, it will be subbed by a lot of groups, that’s my humble opinion.

  5. I want

  6. by “I hope a certain group of people won’t pick this up” you mean certain groups like us right? πŸ˜€ allright! we ganaa pick it up for you ^^

  7. lol don’t you worry XD i was joking

  8. You know, SHiN, it’s better if you subbed NBA loli the anime or Subaru the reverse trap Combat Butler instead of YuruYuri. Do it for me πŸ™‚

  9. @yukachi:

    I’m interested in the show but… well, us folks kinda prefer Yuru Yuri. =) Sorry, comrade. =P

  10. My group is picking this up! Anyway, us this show going to seriously be yuri or its just the name?

  11. I mean… “Is” this show going to be yuri or is it going to be like A channel? Anyway, I think I’m going to like it

  12. Probably like A-Channel… but the manga is published in “Comic Yuri Hime”.

  13. @SHiN:

    Aren’t you tired of subbing the same things over and over?

    SHiN-gx used to be cool when they subbed a romance anime (Myself;Yourself), martial arts ecchi specials (Ikkitousen DD), comedy special (Kyou no Go no Ni), harem OVA (Shuffle!) and fantasy action romance specials (Kyoshiro to Towa no Sora) πŸ™‚

    Now it’s all yuri (Candy Boy), yuri (Kuttsukiboshi), cute girls doing cute things (K-ON!!), yuri (Sasameki Koto), yuri (Aoi Hana), cute girls doing cute things (A Channel), yuri (Yuri seijin Naoko-san), yuri (Reo x Mai Diaries) and now you’re planning more yuri (YuruYuri).

    What happened to variety? πŸ˜›

  14. As far as i’m concerned, i dont complain : i live in the country where yaoi submerges yuri (in manga particulary) so i think there will never enough of yuri !
    And Shin alsol subbed animes like Juuden-chan or Iroha (no yuri), or Aki Sora.


  15. Oh yea, i forgot “Working”, that will be finished very soon.

  16. http://iloveyuri.wordpress.com/ needs some love too.

    That is all.

  17. is this an actuall anime series ? if so, WHATS IT CALLED?!

  18. @Amy-oneesama:

    It’s called… Yuru Yuri! Second season is currently airing! If you want to know the translation of Yuru Yuri, there are many interpretations, but here, it’s Lazy Lilies.

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