Saw this in the mail…

June 22, 2011

…what now?


I hope we will not get that “Duke Nukem Forever Effect.” ETA this weekend.

– The jolly crew of SHiN-gx Fansubs



  1. *Drools* YAMADA!

  2. yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay… this is freaking awesome

  3. I’m as excited as Ballmer at a developers conference! Imma throw a chair out my window!

  4. “Then, I’ll have…”
    “Then, I’ll have…”
    >_> *dislikes repetition*
    Yay for more cross-dressing Katanashi-kun, though~

  5. @Senna:

    The script is not yet edited. =)

  6. I will be waiting for you ! ♡ ➜ ♥

  7. eeexcellent!

    if they don’t deliver, Smithers will RELEASE THE HOUNDS!

  8. @SHiN:

    I sense something subliminal coming from you there…

  9. you’re so generous!

  10. episode 13 plsss!!!

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