Hanasaku Iroha episodes 1-2 Blu-ray are OUT!!!

August 21, 2011

So we decided to ditch the TV version and switch to Blu-ray. The people involved in this project are still present, so as long as they’re around, we can finish this! Changes? No more lost in translation joke screenshots, and we’ll use Megami or Newtype scans from now on. Those screenshots were not really in demand, so…


Hanasaku Iroha – 01 [BD]
Hanasaku Iroha – 02 [BD]


Hanasaku Iroha [MKV]


Go click the DDL Page at the right.


Drop by our IRC channel!

Comments? Suggestions? Violent Reactions? Please tell us!

Thank you for downloading, seed as much as you can!

And we’re still building a new computer and we’ll have one in operation this late December or early January 2012. Purchase for a Sandy Bridge is secured. The new computer is for encoding purposes and primary storage of our releases. Please help us achieve this goal by donating a bit!

The jolly crew of SHiN-gx Fansubs



  1. Wow, a really nice surprise. Will you release a 1080 version?

  2. No, we stick with 720p.
    There is not much “quality loss” when converted from 1080p to 720p.
    Don’t bother for the 1080p version ^^

  3. 720p saves a whole lot of bits too.

    Regarding the compooter, since you’re likely doing high quality software-only encodes (not using Sandy Bridge’s “Quick ‘n Dirty Sync” hardware), you may want to consider a 4 module (8 core) Bulldozer variant – if they perform well for encoding. We won’t know until next month.

    I just want to point out that you shouldn’t count it out. Heck, in video encodes even the old Thubans aren’t terrible. Maybe I’ll get back to you once the FX-81xx variants are benched.

  4. Nice release, thank you…

    The primary color for Sign Blocks2 style is not white enough (&HFCFCFC&).
    I can see two blocks with different white color in the episode title’s background.

  5. @ICan’tComeUpWithaName:

    Uh… damn. Sorry, it’s my fault. ;_; I didn’t check it properly.

    It was okay in Aegisub for some reason.

  6. You’re right, it’s unnoticeable in Aegisub.
    Maybe it’s because the video output is different or something.
    Oh, well… It’s not a big deal.

    BTW, any ETA for Sasameki Koto?

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