Yuru Yuri episode 07 is OUT!!!

August 21, 2011

H-Hold hands?

This episode is about Christmas, and the next episode is all about April Fools’ Day. You get me? That means the all-important Valentine’s Day was excluded in the show! ;_; I do hope this scene is not from a Valentine’s Day themed chapter. Oh and spoilers. =)


Yuru Yuri – 07 (h.264+softsubs)


Yuru Yuri (h.264+softsubs)
Yuru Yuri (XviD+hardsubs)


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The jolly crew of SHiN-gx Fansubs



  1. If that’s the case, it’s 2 bad…

  2. Thanks!

    Who knows, they might do it in a flashback?

  3. That episode is going to be epic (when it comes out, hopefully)… thanks so much for THIS episode and can’t wait for your subbing the others!

  4. Thank you:D!!! I’m just going to wait for the xvid to be added to the fileserve folder.

  5. Thanks for the episode! Btw can I just ask why do you translate YuruYuri? (I’m sorry if this has already been discussed, I’ve not seen it anywhere). I can understand why you’d translate it in a normal sentence but when it’s the title of the show you should probably just leave it as YuruYuri. 😛

  6. @Clu3less:

    The only reason why we translated it is because just like any other on-screen text you see in anime, be it a street sign or a love letter, it’s begging for a translation. We can’t just leave a title untranslated. We will continue to use this practice, and of course our translation is just fan-made and obviously it’s not officially accepted. It’s still Yuru Yuri. =)

    If you want to know what were the other alternatives, they are Swaying Lilies and Swaying Les… uh, bians…!

  7. @SHiN-gx:

    It’s all good, understand what you mean. However still think that a title should be left as is, it’s a general rule of English. If it’s a title you do not touch it, whether the title has spelling errors, is grammatically incorrect or anything else, as long as it’s the official title.

    I hope you’re not taking this as a “zomg you translated the title how dare you /flame /flame” comment. Was just interested in knowing your reasoning for translating it and will still choose you guys as my subbers for YuruYuri. 😛 It’s not like I’m unable to understand what show I am watching just because the title is translated! ^^

  8. Ayano!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! x3 she is the new best tsundere yuri moe girl (well… only for me xD)

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