No new Yuru Yuri episodes…

October 5, 2011

It hurts… Season 2! Where are you?! ;_;



  1. Probably have to wait till they mostly finish selling the DVD/BDs or something. They are still promoting it heavily if you check their website…

  2. Btw: How’s it with Morita-san #13 and Season 2?

  3. Glad that you like Yuru Yuri also so much. I’m seriously depressed now that I can’t watch these cute girls anymore.

  4. @Some Dood:

    I’d say within this week. We pretty much got our hands full and fansubbing is in the least of priorities. But not to the point of neglecting it, of course!


    I miss this show already.

  6. Where is the official news, Shin?

  7. @SHiN-gx: ‘Kay, thanks :D.

  8. @Some Dood:

    The major wait on Working!! S2 is due to my slow script translating… School is the enemy. T_T

    Expect it soon though! 😀

  9. Except for the fact that I just realized you weren’t talking about Working!! (forgot Morita-san actually is split into 2 seasons…)

    Oh well, I guess that post was for anyone wondering… XD

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