October 2011 Monthly Results

November 1, 2011


October is over and here are the final results: Kyouko x Yui pairing lost SO VERY HARD.

First place — Kyouko x Ayano @ 45.78% (114 votes)
Second place — Kyouko x Yui @ 22.49% (56 votes)
Third place — Himawari x Sakurako @ 11.65% (29 votes)

The results were expected. Bro fist to the folks who voted for Akari x Akane @ 1.61% (4 votes).

We added two polls for the month of November. Please vote!

On an unrelated note, I finally posted something new in the other blog. I’ll be doing more anime previews probably in 2012.

– SHiN



  1. Me also Toshino Kyouko & Ayano wo votemashita!

  2. Haha, nice new polls!
    P.S.: I voted yes on poll #1, and you guys? ;D

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