Spah sappin’ mah links!

November 11, 2011

DDL links are down because of the WordPress cops. Either we find another way to post the links or move away from WordPress. It was a nice four years.

Loyalty down!

EDIT: The links are back… for now.



  1. What where who? All DDL links still work here.

  2. @Ovindel:

    The links are back, but I already got a warning… They’ll suspend SHiN-gx Fansubs if we keep the links.

  3. so where can we find you if you get suspended?

  4. @rando:

    We’ll let you know. I have to confirm the new place supports what we need and the integrity we want.

  5. The new place can.
    Thing is, it’s up to Shin when he wants to switch 😉

  6. just stick to bots so you can stay at wordpress

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