November 2011 Poll Results

December 2, 2011

It’s that time of month again and here are the results:

Monthly Poll #1: Is Yamada the best character in Working’!!? Yamada Aoi, according to the voters, is the best character in Working’!! with a staggering 128 people voted for “YES” and 0 people voted for “NO.” Wow! Outstanding job, Yamada!

YES — 100%  (128 votes)
NO — 0%  (0 votes)

Monthly Poll #2: Will Satou get Yachiyo, the girl of his dreams? With the total votes of 85, the voters wished for Satou Jun to end up in a threesome with Kyouko and Yachiyo. Satou got his hands full! Problem right now is: Who gets the biggest slice of Yachiyo pie?

YES — 14.21%  (26 votes)
NO — 39.34%  (72 votes)
Threesome with Kyouko and Yachiyo — 46.45%  (85 votes)


December poll: Is the Morita-san wa Mukuchi anime a yuri harem anime?

Vote now!



  1. The threesome option was probably chosen by many as some kind of troll rather than a serious opinion.
    Yamada is awesome!

  2. What Ovindel said, he’s in the right in terms of the 3-some thing. I of course voted for Yachiyo x Kyouko ONLY!

    Oh and I already expressed my absolute adoration of the mini-goddess of comedy, Yamada.

  3. About the vote of Yamada, I think that the number of voting for No would be unknown rather than being 0, because last time I visited, I saw Yes and Yes as the only voting option. Therefore, I guess that people who disagreed with it might not vote.

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