Terraria 2D Adventure and Fansub Updates

December 5, 2011

Alright, don’t laugh. We just started and hey, at least it got windows! Oh and don’t mess with Link. He carries a boomstick with meteorite ammunition. Yeah, be afraid!

Before we get to the updates, let me explain this Terraria 2D Adventure thingy.

When we’re not doing anything (aka break from fansubbing and generally… not doing anything…), SHiN (hello!), and the entire staff (I have to convince them at gunpoint first) are gonna spend some time with Terraria and build whatever we want, looting dungeons, purifying the Corruption, go to hell (literally), find treasures, and fend off monsters. Every month we’re gonna post some screenshots on our progress and tell you our experience or funny moments with the game. I played with a friend the other day and that friend’s friend suggested we do PVP (Player vs Player) while we wait for the upcoming boss battle. I accepted and… he didn’t know I carry a Star Cannon. Poor guy didn’t last 5 seconds. ❤ It’s kinda like your grandpa telling you stories beside the fireplace… or something like that.

Unfortunately, this is a group member-only activity and right now we don’t have a dedicated 24/7 Terraria server. We only play as soon as I start hosting. I’m usually available during the weekends.

*ahem* Now for the news:

Busy. No, it’s not because of Terraria. It’s because we’re… busy. However, we’re going to release Morita-san 2 episode 9, Morita-san OVA, and Hanasaku Iroha BD 3-6 this week. Working’!! episode 4? Not sure. Probably next week. Yeah, I know, we’re slow. Yuru Yuri BD? Our encoder is sick.

So… that’s it!

— Screaming all day. “Shiraume Ume is f**king HOT!”


One comment

  1. So, even you are giving in to Terreria, as my little brother did, unfortunately.
    I don’t like videogames really, except for the Zelda games, so I’m glad at least Link appeared! I’m only watching Morita-san at the moment from you, and I don’t mind it being a little late… hey, wait a minute… I didn’t know there was a 2nd OVA and that is was already released! Release it, release it!

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