Terraria Adventure – December 2011

December 31, 2011

Happy New Year, folks! 2011 was, in our humblest opinion, one of the best year for anime fans. There are lots of good shows we enjoyed and loved, and I hope 2012 will deliver better and bigger anime than 2011! Now, we, uh… we’ll just skip writing sentimental stuff and head on to our Terraria adventure!

MikiMiki finally got a new computer, set up our dedicated server, and played Terraria with SHiN and Uichan for a few hours. We started a new map, but decided to keep our end-game equipment. We started by building our homes first to shelter ourselves from the hazards. Pardon the JPEG artifacts. Steam is… not as good as FRAPS when it comes to screencapping.

This is my (SHiN) home. It’s still bare bones and I’m planning to make a cabin-like home complete with bedroom, library, kitchen, etc. Unfortunately you can’t craft a kitchen sink in Terraria. Not just yet.

This is Uichan’s home. It rests above the sands. Don’t worry. Its foundation is solid. I mean, using two pillars made of dirt and is standing on loose sand can’t possibly… Uh, oh…

This is MikiMiki’s ho–cave. As you can see it’s a… cave… Sure he’s still stuck in the stone age, and all… It’s a cave!

After securing our land, I proceeded to scout the entire surface area and to my shock, we’re closely sandwiched between two Corruptions. We gotta fortify our land first before going into hard mode. I also spotted the Dungeon and called the guys to come over and defeat Skeletron. Unfortunately… he died in less than 30 seconds. =) With Skeletron out of the way, we then descended into the Dungeon and looted some of its treasures. We then rescued an NPC called the Mechanic. She’s a red head carrying a giant wrench. She sells switches, wiring and other tools needed to make traps etc.

Seriously, he’s dying. He took a poison arrow in the knee. You can tell by his reply. His mouth is shriveled up due to the poison.

And that’s it for our Terraria Adventure! Tune in next month for another SHiN-gx Fansubs’ heroic and dungeon-looting tales! Er… wait, before I forget, I encountered a strange anomaly  because of lag. See screenshots below.

Bizarre! It looks like God took a huge bite out off the land.

Happy Holidays and may you have a prosperous New Year! And a new PC as well. ;_;



  1. Happy New Year from Mamiko 🙂

  2. picked up Terraria on steam sales a few days back, its a nice brake form skyrim. still haven’t killed skeleton yet. i don’t have any gaming friends so im playing on a small world, so every thing pretty closes. happy new year.

  3. yay, akeome! \o/

  4. @yukachi:

    Holy shi… COMRADE!!!!! ;_;

    Happy New Year to you and your group! Goddammit, I sorta, kinda missed ya. ;_; I wish you a prosperous New Year there in Japan. There are still annoying bikers? =)


    I started out using a large world. At first I was overwhelmed, but in the long run you get to acquire lots of items and ores. Plus the size of the map have given me time to secure a large section of it. The Corruption in hard mode is unforgiving.

  5. Id love to come play terraria with you guys sometime! I love the game and play it alot, I have built my world on it, I have a massive glass castle, a Glass castle in the sky, and we are in the process of building a Death star! >:D

  6. @SHiN: Hello. I just visited here since I have a 6 day vacation break. Yes, the bikers are still there, everywhere. I’m referring to those who ride bicycles BTW. Damn they’re so annoying.


  8. @Decipher

    I can ask SHiN about it but at the moment the server is staff only…I might try to run another server but that would be after I move, and that date it up in the air right now.

  9. @mikimiki: its fine, thanks for replying to my post though! I mean if ya ever do wanna open your server to me send me an email. Its nice to see you guys enjoying yourself as well as subbing though! keep it up!

  10. ;_; ya The Corruption is spreading pretty fast…. im hoping Holy Water solves my problem.
    i thought Sunflowers stopped the corruption, didn’t know they got up rooted :/
    i also miss being able to travel at night time, night is really, hard? annoying? an ass to deal with.
    frickin clowns are scary looking if i hadn’t set up dart traps to defend my spawn i don’t think i would of survived the hard mode blood moon. first time killing the wall of flesh i was all stressed but after killing him 7 times and getting a bunch of cool loot its supper easy, didn’t even use the star canon that much.

  11. @storrm:

    The only way to stop the Corruption and the Hallowed is to build a barricade with man-made materials like stone bricks, etc. or dig a huge gap. Holy Water only removes the Corruption a temporarily. It will spread again. Holy Water only cures the area it hits. The Corruption spreads underground as well. I’m currently building a bowl-like wall under my base to stop it.

    Blood Moon in Hard mode is a hellish experience. The Clowns can break down walls thanks to its bombs and Wraiths can harass you inside your home. What I usually do is I go to my underground cabin and wait for the Blood Moon to pass.

    Oh and… damn. I have yet to acquire the Breaker Blade from the Wall of Flesh. ;_;

  12. 😀 i got the Breaker Blade the second time i kill the wall, it dose 61 damage and critical strike dose 90+ damage atm with the gear i’ve got. i also got the Clockwork Assault Rifle and all the Emblems.
    last time i played i was just after the stuff to make a Crystal Storm now that i’ve got that my current goal is to get the Angel Wings

    the dart trap wall held up pretty good, no damage, i didn’t get any wear near that clown, it freaked my out to much, so it never did any thing. Wraiths seem to only move along the ground so i move my NPCs off the ground floor(after the 2 on the ground floor died).

    what boss should i take on first? i have 2 Mechanical Eyes and was going to fight the The Twins first but i remember some one saying that most people fight the The Destroyer first.
    i really wont a Cross Necklace but i have plenty of time.

  13. @storrm:

    The new bosses are very hard, but it’s possible to beat them without a second player. The Destroyer would be a good choice mainly you can dodge some of its attacks. Wait for the boss to shoot out of the ground and goes back in. Its body will create an arc and you attack under it. Be careful of the floating laser sentries and kill them as much as possible because they drop hearts. You need a powerful sword like Night’s Edge and a Minishark/Megashark with meteor bullets. Oh and use all useful buffs and make Greater Potions. It heals 150 HP.

    The Twins is very hard and it’s nearly impossible for you to defeat it alone. Skeletron Prime is as difficult as the Twins.

  14. lol year, i used whole bunch of buffs and was and was going to summon Destroyer but it trued day :/ so i rage quite after killing stuff with my buffs. i was going to use the Demon Scythe seeing as it dose 61 Damage and cost me 11 mana with the buffs and gear.
    i’ve got a Clockwork Assault Rifle so i don’t really need a Minishark.

    i’ve lost to the twines twice already…. but hay i’ve got wings now so the next fight should be a bit easier.

    really i need a Adamantite Breastplate and Leggings, i had a like 280 Adamantite Ore but i lost it some how, i lost my mining helmet as well, its really annoying, i’ve lost 3 or 4 things the same way now, at random after a respawn its just gone.

  15. to quote my self from about 40min ago “BAW HA HA HA HA HA YES HAHAHAHAHA*FITS PUMP*” who would of thought having a little girl running around screaming and a whole bunch of people talking would make it easer to kill the twins. i spouse the Godly Megashark with 3 stacks of Cursed Bullets mite of helped 😀
    The Destroyer was easy once i got a Godly Dao of Pow and a tone of buffs, was doing 91-176 per hit and like 25 hits per pass.
    like a boss! heh heh heh

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