December 2011 Poll Results

January 3, 2012

Yeah, totally.

Results time!

December 2011 Poll: Is the Morita-san wa Mukuchi anime a yuri harem anime? 92 voters agree that Morita-san wa Mukuchi is a yuri harem anime, 45 voters disagree that it’s not a yuri harem anime, and 60 voters weren’t sure. So, yeah… Majority of the folks who voted agree, so… YAY! Yuri triumphs again!

OVA 2 is right around the corner and let’s hope it will, uh, you know. =)

YES — 46.7%  (92 votes)
NO — 22.84%  (45 votes)
MAYBE — 30.46%  (60 votes)

New poll will be available during Zero no Tsukaima F. Stay tuned!


One comment

  1. I personally hope Morita-san wa Mukuchi will win at least one award in my G-empire Yuri Awards. Perhaps frequent Shin-GX visitors can lend a help and support the girl the yuri nation has deemed as Iono-sama’s Chosen One. Will she be able to beat the juggernaut known as Ika Musume and win the prestigious Iono-sama Award, best main protagonist and other awards ithe show’s nominated for?
    We’ll find out, this Sunday.

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