Recruiting TLC’er for ZnT F

January 15, 2012

We’re in need of an experienced TLC’er to help our head TL Uichan translate Zero no Tsukaima F. Our previous TLC’er GOTT has decided to shave his head and meditate in the mountains to further improve his Japanese. Fortunately he’s still around via mental telepathy to help us finish Working’!!. However, mental telepathy is very hard to do and can severely damage your mind, so we need another TLC’er.

Requirements? Good at writing and speaking Japanese, has experience  in fansubbing, and can do their job in a speedy manner. You will be working with the TL in real time, so that way you can communicate easily with him, and meet the rest of the team.

Interested? Leave us a comment or email us @ shin.gx.fansubs@gmail.com.


New poll for the month of January — “Who is the best ZnT F girl?”



  1. Oh, wow. The masochists are dominating in the new poll >.> Poll fails because the best girl wasn’t included 😀

  2. @yukachi:

    Oh? I thought Tiffa– oh, wait. You changed VA waifu. :3 Which one is it? One of Louise’s sisters or that green-haired thief/mage or Jessica… or… I know! Dragon-tits! 😀 She’s already in the list, but not that other name. Loco-loco, if I recall. 😛

  3. @SHiN: Tiffania? You must have mistaken me for someone else, comrade. I was always an Iguchi fan, didn’t change any waifu’s at all. I believe the one who’s obsessed with Noto is that loser named gx. IIRC he is your group’s mascot >.>

  4. Any progress on ZnT 02?

  5. omg @ the screenshot comparision… f’kin lazy animation companies recycling material… still prefer louise to taiga tho…

  6. on the two pictures there is just ONE coincidense and is the old man to the right side of kitamura xDDDD

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