Updates, etc.

February 1, 2012


  • Delays
  • Delays
  • Coffee Break
  • Delays

We’re thinking of ditching Working’!! TV and jump straight to Blu-ray. Deja vu? If we decided to go with the Blu-ray, it will take some time for our version to be released. What do you think, guys?

For the poll, we extended it because it’s kinda unfair for Jeannette and the other girls. The twist this time is we hid the results.


We learned Japanese by watching the 10-minute video above. Highly recommenced!



  1. Delays
    Coffee Break <– there is no donuts D:? nande?

  2. Do you guys have plans to do the Kannagi BD? (5/2)

  3. Switching to BluRay would be a smart choice at this stage. I’d say go for it,

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