We need a new computer [Goal REACHED]

February 23, 2012

We need a new computer and we want you to donate to make it happen.

We need $700.00 (estimate) for a new physical computer and right now we have $249.00. The computer will exclusively be used as a personal storage space for our files (raws, DVD ISOs, BD ISOs, etc.) and encode our future releases. The advantages of a physical computer are simple: No monthly fee and we can encode whenever we want.

To put it bluntly — WE NEED MONEY! DONATE!

Or if PayPal isn’t working for you and you’re from the US, deliver the parts to us instead. RAM sticks, PSU, Mobo, the works. Endersgame, the resident tech guy, will list down what type of parts we need at a later date. The parts will eventually be delivered to him. Feel free to ask him questions.

If you want to ask more questions and clarifications, please write them in the comment field below or email SHiN @ shin.gx.fansubs@gmail.com.

SHiN-gx Fansubs



  1. Have you guys looked at deals for a new computer ex.dealnews or slickdeals? I would be glad to donate but to have to spend around $700 for a computer that you can find cheaper would be a waste.

  2. @T:

    We’re getting our stuff mostly on Newegg. We already saw some good deals there. The extra bucks are for shipping and the destination for the computer is the Philippines.

  3. Donated a little for now. Hopefully I can again later. Thank you so much for your work. Good luck! 🙂

  4. @Elaine:

    And thank you very much!

  5. how come you dont just buy a new HDD if its just for storage?

  6. @HiddenAce:

    The new computer is for storage AND for encoding our videos.

  7. You are a criminal SHiN_aKuMa.
    You are only doing this for money and computerparts now.
    Hope you get arrested.

  8. @police:

    We need this to keep up with with Blu-ray sources and as I said in the post, having a physical computer is cheaper than renting one.

  9. Donate for a very slow and terribad fansub? You can’t be serious.

  10. Stay poor SHiN

  11. Tell me where and I can send you an old case I’ve got sitting here at my house. it’s a small mid tower case but has room for a few hard drives. the guy who owned it gave it to me when he bought himself a new one.

  12. @collin:
    Does the case have a PS and what is the wattage on it if so? Also how many fans does it have for cooling, and do they have speed control? I’m the resident computer nerd here and will be the one building it so I need to know as that will cut out some of the cost or add to it depending. Anyway let me know in a post and thanks for the offer 🙂

  13. the case is an Emahines micro atx case, no power supply, no room for a fan in the front of the caseit has a spot for a fan in the back. dvd player and floppy disk included. 2: 5.25 bays and 3: 3.5 bays.
    If you want it, it’s yours. its my beside table right now.

  14. Donate the money to me, so I can buy a i7 machine for encoding 🙂
    Still dealing with a AMD Phenom 1 Quadcore and a dualcore laptop >_>

  15. hay SHiN-gx if i thru like 100aud at you how likely would that working dvd batch happen :p remember about 2-3 years ago (coz i do) when i sed if i had more then 180 in my account i would donate. well, turns out when you work money happens.

  16. @storrm:

    Actually… we forgot about it because we’re currently distracted with something else. If you really want the DVD batch, I think I can arrange that by the end of the month. No guarantees though.

  17. so do you wont my money or not? and really don’t worry about it stopped bothering me when i stopped having time to watch whole batchs.

  18. @storrm:

    We want your money of course! A step closer to our target amount is always a good thing. =)

  19. sent $55 coz im feeling stingy :p
    │▒│ /▒/
    │▒ /▒/─┬─┐
    oh btw the new ivy bridge cpu encode video about 12% faster when using quick sink over sandy bridge.

  20. @storrm:

    Thank you very much for the donation! We really appreciate it! 😀

  21. Hey guys, I donated 100$ to help with the effort.

  22. @newvelaricnewvelaric:

    Oh my god! Thank you very much! 😀

  23. Here guys, another 100$. I saw that things were not moving fast enough… I hope that this helps!

  24. @newvelaric:

    Thank you very much! We’ve reached our goal!

    Thank you, everyone. Really. THANK YOU!

  25. yay~ lol

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