Zero no Tsukaima F 04 is OUT!!!

February 23, 2012

Oh crap! We apologize for the (expected) delays. We have a good reason this time — One of our staff members was abducted by aliens. Yep. Since we can’t actually go into space and pick Miki up, we just waited for the aliens to disassemble him, poke some rods into him, and put him back together. Oh, he’s alright, I assure you. His eyes glows green, shoots lasers, and drools sometimes, but he’s alright. Seriously, you can’t tell he was reverse engineered.

Episode 04 is, well, more tsundere action. The show decided to drop the “plot” and focus more on the characters. Yeah, the show is very silly. And a question to the viewers — Are you partly watching this for Louise’s reactions to everything (Ex: Getting EXTREMELY JEALOUS)?

Anyways, to the torrent links!



Drop by our IRC channel!

Comments? Suggestions? Violent Reactions? Please tell us!

Thank you for downloading, seed as much as you can!

The jolly crew of SHiN-gx Fansubs





  1. Thanks for the release!

  2. Probably the best subs for ZnT. Thansk.

  3. @Anon

    Thank you very much 😀

  4. It’s too bad there isn’t much to the plot of the whole series, it has some great characters and they could really have much more happen. I keep watching for the Tifa/Siesta action, and just in case any relationships actually go forward.

    Thanks for the release!

  5. SHiN we really need a work around for this drooling…I mean I can deal with these lasers and the glowing isn’t all that bad…but this drooling is killing me. I’ve slipping on my own drool and I can’t seem to stay clean. Anyone else who thinks we can work these kinks out please let me know ;A;

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