January-February 2012 Poll Results

March 6, 2012

I guess you know who won just by looking at the picture… Anyways, poll re–




Focus, fellas. Focus! You with me? Good. Poll results time!

We extended the poll to February because it was kinda unfair for Jeanette. We gave her a chance to gain some popularity, but unfortunately she didn’t get any screen time as of February. Partially it’s my fault for making this poll way too early. I should have made this AFTER Zero no Tsukaima F ended. We might add Jeanette as a candidate for our future polls. Jeanette @ 1.23% (6 votes).

First Place — Louise @ 36.4% (178 votes)
Second Place — Tiffania @ 15.95% (78 votes)
Third Place — Tabitha @ 13.7% (67 votes)

The outcome was expected. I was surprised Siesta got some decent votes (11.86%) and was close in beating Henrietta (12.88%). Kinda funny, really. As far as I’m concerned, Siesta and Henrietta are similar except one is a plebeian and one is a noble. Aw, come on! Don’t tell me you don’t know why they’re both similar!

Poll is closed. New poll AFTER we release something. ;_;


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