Terraria Adventure… Where?

March 6, 2012

Our adventure didn’t go well… We didn’t have a dedicated server and generally we’re busy at something else. The adventure will be put on hold. ;_;

Anyways, this is my world Monolith and I’ve been in it since I bought the game and right now I’m going to show you two mechanisms I came up using the game’s wiring/trigger system. The first one (above and below) is a draw bridge. I flooded the right side are of my castle with water and the only way to access my castle is through this bridge station.

Bridge open

Bridge closed

Cool, ain’t it? The second one is… a failed construction; all thanks to the water duplicating bug. My second structure is a waterfalls system. It uses pumps to pump water out of the lake and pour it back. I placed the waterfalls near the entrance of my castle and it’s near the draw bridge. Think of it a bridge leading you through the falls.

Outlet pumps

One of the four inlet pumps

The structure is still in skeletons because I halted my project due to the water duplicating bug. If you activate the pump, it somehow duplicates the water and as a result, the water level rises if you leave the pumps running. It’s very disappointing.

That’s it. We do apologize our Terraria adventure didn’t go smoothly. Oh and I made a new post in the other blog. Yes, it’s about TF2 again. Go and check it out!

– SHiN




  2. @MikiMiki:

    Oh, right. But you were traveling, so… Plus we need to remind the staff that we’re going on an adventure.

  3. Tried pumping the extra water to Hell?
    Also, nice little castle and damn that Navi-esque fairy!

  4. umm you do know how to make a Hellforge drain right?
    a pit with 2-3 Hellforges and some lava in it. Hellforges don’t get destroyed by lava and Obsidian can’t form will the Hellforge is in the way so the water gets destroyed, kinda like in hell.

  5. @watsap:

    I don’t want Hell to freeze ov– *ahem* Oh yeah, I read in the Terraria Wiki once that water evaporates in Hell… I’ll try that. =)

    …that means I’m going to make another hell-a-vator in a huge map… filled with underground Hallowed monsters…

  6. @storrm:

    No, I don’t. ;_;

    I’ve been out of the Terraria loop lately. Last trick I learned is how to make infinite gel in a controlled environment.

  7. year gel farm…. is it crab or bird powered XD heh heh. i have a crab powered rabbit farm that makes over 1 platinum per blood moon, and it could be better, i did it for the bunny hood. Yrimir on youtube dose some pretty cool Terraria stuff. http://youtu.be/0KNjVhOhh6w

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