SHiN’s Solo Terraria Adventure

March 21, 2012

This is the first structure I built and Terraria was around version 1.0.5, I believe. I named my world “Monolith” because I want to build a towering structure at the middle. Before I built my towering behemoth, I focused my time upgrading my gear, so that I can go underground and acquire rare ores and materials. *ahem* I didn’t change worlds and I dedicated my entire time on one world and one building.

A trip down memory lane.

My tower is starting to form and since wood was abundant and I have tree farm, my building is made out of wood. Honestly, I had no idea what to put in these rooms. I just build up and make random rooms.

After getting some decent gear, I set out east and look for the dungeon, corruption, jungle biomes, and the edge of the world. I made this small checkpoint just in case of a Blood Moon event or just taking cover and recover.

Desert found! In 1.0.5, the cactus plants are very annoying. You take damage and knocks you back when you touch it. It was hard running through the desert.

I added another room with a bed, so I can mark it as a new spawn point. The bottom door leads to a natural cave. I use it to acquire some rare ores.

I made another checkpoint when I saw the jungle biome on the horizon. I later use it as my main building to dig down the jungle area. I added a greenhouse, but it didn’t go too well.

My tower is starting to look like a tower.

Zombie and water. I forgot why I ended up here. And yes, I’m wearing a fishbowl.

Got better equipment and went down underground. Very dangerous place.

Yep. That’s a library.

100+ hours later, I still play it. Version 1.1.0 was a very big update with lots of graphic tweaks, new stuff and bosses. The new version is very hard and enemies are tougher and the new Hallowed biome made the surface and underground very difficult to traverse. Even if you have all the end-game items, it’s still not a walk in the park. A slight mess up can kill you.

I’ve grown attached to my world and after hundreds of hours mining, it feels like I didn’t discover every bit of my world. My world is a large world, by the way. Right now the Hallowed and Corruption biomes are way too aggressive. If I keep on play, it will only engulf my world. There’s nothing I can do about it. I have a counter-measure, but it’s more of a prevention than a cure.

To end this article, I’ll give you a brief tour of my castle.

Upper left is my library, the middle area is the barracks, bathroom and entrance to the tower. Below my player is the main hall with an aquarium. Below it is the servants’ dining area, infirmary (the room with bottles), the armory and my warehouse.

Top is the main dining area and next to it is the kitchen. Below is my workshop. I let water through so I can make bottled water easily. The gold chests holds the rare materials. Common stuff are stored in the regular chests.

Long drop to Hell. It’s fast!

My obsidian generator. I stopped using it after I got all of the items that requires obsidian.

Tall tower is…





If you notice, my tower isn’t complete and that’s because wyverns are around messing your day, the world became shorter because I can’t access my throne room at the top, and most of the materials I need were turned into Hallowed materials. I can’t be assed to sprinkle them with Vile Powder just to get more stone blocks.

What happened to the waterfalls?

I followed the Hellforge lava pool idea to destroy excess water, but…

Water duplication is unpredictable. I placed three Hellforges in a funnel I made at the bottom of the lake, but for some reason, the lava destroys more water than expected and I ended up getting a dry lake bed. Plus the water pumps stop if you exit and re-enter the game, so every time to play, you have to turn on the faucet. However, I’m trying a new idea:

I put the lava here and when the water reaches the holes, the lava will destroy the water and hopefully it will prevent the water from rising over the bridge. This way, the lava will only destroy water if it reaches that certain point. I HOPE IT WORKS.

I do apologize for not going in-depth on my article like not including boss fights, and other events and locations. If only Steam can capture screenshots automatically, and I wasn’t lazy…

– SHiN


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  1. looks good, really im far to lazy to even do that, i’ve only put like 58 hours in on a small world, i just end up playing something ells that i pick up on sale or in a bundle. in the half a year from making my steam account i’ve got 48 games with only 10 played. to be fair i did pick up 14 games from a bundle just last week. any who, WORKING! S1 DVD BATCH :/ really now i’ve already got all of season 2 on my hard drive that i can’t watch :/ and i can’t find a S1 batch coz its to old now. bar bar black sheep have you any wool yes sir yes sir 3 bags full. crazy. moooo har har har :/ well what ever, i was thinking of deleting every i just wrote becuse its overly….. year but eh~ hmmmmm =_= *staaaaaaaaarrrrrrrrre*

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