Terraria – Problem Solved!

March 25, 2012



I disabled two out of four pumps and as you can see, the waterfalls look, uh, pathetic. I will add two more layers of water, but I have to re-design the waterfalls structure and do some experiments first. After this… I’m not sure what to do next. I could, you know, get all of the items in Terraria or try out a different “class”. My character is more on the half-melee and half-range. Might try doing a mage play style.

Or just finish up my underground barricade to stop the Hallow and Corruption from getting near my base.

Oh wait. Oh crap! I know, we’re way, way, WAY, WAY behind on Zero no Tsukaima F. I’m sure some of you are not taking us seriously and in all honesty, it’s painful for us. We must meet the demand, yes, but it’s kinda hard to do that. We do hope we’ll improve when fansubbing Yuru Yuri Season 2. It’s summer, some of us will be on vacation!

– SHiN



  1. successes! to bad there’s no way to make it less…. obtuse? i really like the look but it looks a bit out of place. idk maybe low with glass or gold bricks. like having the hellforges lower; out of site rather then just floating in water, with glass coming up from the deep.

  2. @storrm:

    Yeah, it’s kinda… Glass blocks is good. I might put it at the bottom. It requires work… again.

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