Kuttsukiboshi Poll Results

April 23, 2012

Since fanart or high quality screenshots are rare for this OVA, have this Upotte!! GIF instead. I doubt you’ll complain.

The poll ends today because screening of the 2nd episode already started last April 21st. Our Japanese friends already knew the ending. We’re pretty sure the ending was “okay” because we didn’t read any news about an anime producer murdered on the streets.



Kuttsukiboshi will have…

a pure love (yuri) ending  — 51.63%  (95 votes)
an inconclusive ending  — 16.3%  (30 votes)
a threesome ending  11.41%  — (21 votes)
an incest ending  10.33%  — (19 votes)
an end of the world ending (aka everybody dies) — 10.33%  (19 votes)

And there you have it, the majority of the fans are expecting a yuri ending despite what happened in episode 01. Personally we’re curious what kind of “miracle” the anime will pull off. But hey, if there’s free-falling lesbians, then anything is possible! Right? It’s also surprising that the threesome ending got third and the incest ending got fourth place considering these are one of the most popular options.

In the end though, this is just a poll. Let’s just hope the anime will end in a favorable way. Otherwise we won’t be spending money on flowers to someone’s grave.

See you in May for the DVD!



  1. “We’re pretty sure the ending was “okay” because we didn’t read any news about an anime producer murdered on the streets.”
    Lol! I think the producers got a lot of tomatoes over his face after the infamous ending of OVA 01 has been watched. :p

  2. ShingX, the second DVD is out! And there are spoilers strewn around all over. Can’t wait till you lot complete a release!

  3. just watched the raw version and the ending was a yuri moment o.o
    and uh… episode 2 is intense.. i mean really intense yuri makeout scenes/yuri sex O////////O

  4. @Sei:

    Major spoiler there. Edited just to be safe.

  5. I was spoiled enough not to be disappointed… Wait and see!

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