Looking for Translators

April 25, 2012

I’m good at getting people’s attention.


Yeah, we’re looking for translators for two specific tasks.

  • Second translator for our manga
  • Yuru Yuri drama CD translator

Our translator Isaac is working on the manga, but he needs another translator to speed things up and double-check his translations. Right now we’re half-way in chapter one. (we might post some teaser pages soon). It’s a hetero manga, btw.

Second is a translator to work on the six (6) Yuru Yuri drama CDs. Each drama CD is around 7-10 minutes long and there’s a lot of talking.


  • Knows Japanese,
  • Someone who are dedicated, and
  • A fan of Yuru Yuri and everything about hetero seinin manga

If you want more information and additional questions, please leave a comment or email us at shin.gx.fansubs@gmail.com.



  1. “I’m good at getting people’s attention.”
    Oh yes you are. Where have you got that pic from?

  2. @Ovindel:

    From a certain image board. :3

  3. Guys, what’s the status on Working? You are planning on releasing BD batch or do it in parts at first?

  4. @H_B:

    Right now the project is mothballed. We’re focusing on Zero no Tsukaiama F and we will pick up Working’!! as soon as we get a hold of the BD raws, a computer to work on, etc. It may take us a long time to do this. Sorry.

  5. Thanks, just hearing that you are still not dropping it makes me able to continue my waiting.

  6. [○] Knows Japanese
    [○] Dedicated
    [×] A fan of Yuru Yuri and everything about hetero seinin manga

    Too bad 😛

  7. @yukachi:

    2 out of 3 isn’t so bad… =/

  8. It is bad when the TL has no interest in the project 😛

  9. @ yukachi:

    Just out of curiosity, what level is your Japanese at? Or are you a native speaker?

  10. @Uichan: Sorry for the really late reply, I only visit here when I’m not busy 😛 I’m JLPT level 2. I’m far from being a native speaker but I have been working in Japan for half a year already.

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