Yuru Yuri BD Vol. 6 is OUT!!!

April 29, 2012

That’s it. We’re done. We’ve finished Yuru Yuri Blu-ray!

Or did we…?

*cue in suspense music*

Yes, we’re done with the Blu-ray, but we haven’t started working on the Drama CDs. We will do them, but we need a dedicated translator to make it happen. As you know, we’re pretty much not done with Working’!! and Zero no Abusive Relationship F, so the translators are still working on them. Oh and we’re now working on Kuttsukiboshi episode 2. If you’re a bored translator and loves Yuru Yuri, please email us. Also see HERE.

Anyways, this is the last volume of the first season and… well, we made it!


Episode 11 is a poor attempt to establish a relationship between Yui and Kyouko. Yui fans should realize childhood friends nev– Am I being harsh to the Yui fans? *ahem*KyoxAyaFan*ahem* Episode 12 is… in layman’s term — the gayest episode in the series.

Batch torrent soon!

Please support the group by donating a bit!



Drop by our IRC channel!

Thank you for downloading, seed as much as you can!

The jolly crew of SHiN-gx Fansubs



  1. Thanks! 😀

  2. Kuttsukiboshi 2? Hell yeah!

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