Yuru Yuri S2 – Teaser

May 2, 2012

Here’s a quick teaser for the upcoming Yuru Yuri S2 anime. Yep, it’s looking good!

The title of the song is Gorakubu, Ai to Yuuki to Kibou to Yuujou no Theme from the Yuru Yuri no Uta Album Aikawarazu.



  1. Oh this is so good.

  2. Season 1 was enough of a teaser for me. This is just like kicking me while I’m down.

  3. Personally, I like the 1st OP better but that’s irrelevant because many of our favs will be returning. Oh, and of course here’s hoping Akane and her girlfriend will both debut.

  4. @Overlord-G
    Yeah, the 1st OP was better, but we don’t know yet if this is gonna become the real OP or not.
    But I usually like the songs of the 1st season of a show more because that’s always the song I think of when I think about a certain show, though there are some exceptions when a song is really terrible, but that isn’t the case with Yuru Yuri.

  5. Sounds interesting! Will Akari be with Chitose or Chizuru?


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