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May 8, 2012

Kuuko wishes to have babies with Nyaruko.

I’m very, uh, proud that Japan is throwing out a lot of yuri fanservice this season… Or it’s just I’m wearing my goggles too tight. From my observation for the past few years, yuri fanservice is starting to get common and I certainly hope this is a stepping stone to more yuri-themed anime in the future. *ahem*Not crap like Strawberry Panic.*ahem*

1970’s — Super Robots
1980’s — Cyberpunk
1990’s — Power levels and alternate dimensions
2000’s — Harem and SoL
2010’s — Incest and Yuri

The era of harem anime with boring and stupid male characters, and redundant boobies/panty shots is over!

Oh and where is Sono Hanabira OVA 2, Japan?!


Of course I’m exaggerating on my observations.



  1. Completely agreed! Though I don’t need incest stuff.

  2. Full ACK! Need moar good yuri!! 😉

  3. Do u have some examples, Shin (except animes u fansubbed, I know them)?

  4. So Shin-GX hates Strawberry Panic, does he? II have learned something new today.

  5. @Overlord-G:

    I think it was too forcibly over-dramatic. It was cringe-worthy, especially that episode where the Etoile and Nagisa were alone in that summer vacation home. Plus my favorite character got friend-zoned. ;_;

  6. While I can understand your distaste for its somewhat unecessary melodrama and chessiness, it’s a pioneer in early yuri anime, like it or not. Besides, we got Chikaru out of it and please don’t tell me you didn’t like Chikaru. I won’t bash you for it, it’d just baffle me how a yuri fan could dislike Chikaru.

    But to sum up, the show in your opinion was too melodramatic for its own good. Fair enough reason to dislike it. I personally love it for one reason and you can pretty much guess what it is. Hint: 1st ever. So flaws and all, it all began with Strawberry Panic for me.

  7. Back to Haiyoru! Nyaruko-san, in my personal opinion, she’s the ONLY reason I bother watching that low rate trash. If she weren’t on the show, it would be another boring comedy that tries too hard to be funny or moe after the introduction of Hasuta.

  8. @Overlord-G:

    I watched Strawberry Panic using SRN subs and those subs were terrible. I stopped watching mid-way through the series because of that. SRN was, if I recall, a sister group of Your-Mom subs. You can pretty much guess what the subtitle quality was like. It took me two years to pick it again after it was official subtitled. Watched it again and despite the translation efforts (redundant to some respect because they always end the sentence with a “, right?”), the story was, uh, how to put this lightly, corny.

    Despite that I end up watching it to the end, enjoyed some moments like that Romeo and Juliet play starring Chikaru. I like Chikaru and some of the girls in the school. I didn’t like that Hikari arc, I sorta like Tamao’s attempt to win Nagisa, and my favorite character was Yaya. Her angst made her cute for some reason.

    Also 2nd OP >>>> 1st OP.


    When I said it’s “crap”, it doesn’t mean I hate it with every fiber of my being.

  9. Hmm, you’re right. You pretty much like and dislike everything every known fan of the show liked and disliked.
    I’m just used to interpreting the word crap as utter hatred for something. I apologize for misunderstanding the extend of your dislike for the show.

    Anyway, more Kuuko wanting to mate with Nyaruko (I assume Cthulhu mythos demons can breed with the same sex or something. Otherwise what would be the point? Just tell Nyaruko you want to have sex with her and live the rest of your life with her) , less “I.M. Boring Male lead” and Nyaruko drooling over him for no discernible reason.

  10. @Overlord-G:

    Correction — It was Carmen. Not Romeo and Juliet. As for Nyaruko, I’m only in it for Kuuko. :3

  11. The Yuri Nation fully supports your dedication to Kuuko. Let us do our best to survive this obvious otaku mainstream fodder known as Haiyoru! Nyaruko-san, FOR KUUKO!

    Carmen or Romeo and Juliet, it matters not for Chikaru looked smokin’ as always. Or maybe she never looked better than in her Carmen getup. I’d better stop before I drown this thread with Chikaru praising.

  12. The strawberry panic novels were possibly the funniest thing I have read in recent years, if anything it was because of how it was written in this overly formal and stupidly cute manner, was so awesome. my coworkers kept looking at me funny as I giggled away reading it during lunch last summer..

    Also yes.. where is that sono hana ova 2.. That is a question I wish answered as well Japan.

  13. oh god, you’re right.
    is strawberry panic really that bad though? i kinda enjoyed it.

  14. I personally disagree with you. I don’t think that in animes where there is a one lesbian character which has been added just to add tease and comedy in the show should be called yuri. Unless there is a relationship between the characters how can u label it as yuri.
    Strawberry Panic is a true yuri series and i really enjoyed it. Although i do agree that some of the relationships didn’t seem right but it certainly is a pioneer in early yuri animes.

  15. YES! Another Yaya fan!
    I love her so much! I actually hated Hikari for being so dense and causing Yaya even more pain with that – I know I just broke your heart, but why not show up and sing – crap.
    My second favorite character was Chikaru, she is so cool! I would have loved to see Yaya x Chikaru as a couple. If only because Yaya x Yaya is a bit strange! XD
    While I agree that the story as a whole was more than a little over the top in terms of melodrama, I ultimately enjoyed it. Perhaps this is because there really isn’t enough yuri in the world – good, bad or otherwise.

  16. Oh, so that’s why I’m watching less anime these days 😛

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