Kuttsukiboshi DVD Batch Torrents are OUT!!!

May 24, 2012

If only the anime actually applied shading…

Kuttsukiboshi started around August 2010 and before that, we get treated to promising teaser trailers and a story that got the yuri fans excited. Us including. It was, to us at least, one of the most anticipated OVA back then. Another special thing about this OVA is it was all done by one person — Naoya Ishikawa. We will not further go into details of the story or anything else because we might spoil the new viewers.

If we want to say something on one aspect of the OVA, it’d be its production. It’s understandable the quality of the art and animation are somewhat poor given this is a one-man job, but we believe Naoya Ishikawa didn’t put extra heart into his work. Why we say this is the second episode two’s art and animation quality didn’t improve much after a year plus it was kept in the dark. Or he already produced both episodes together and just decided to delay the second episode just to see the reaction of the viewers.

Also if any of you argue about how the story progressed and ended, we’ll just use our “it’s anime” trap card — It’s anime. Shit happens. End of argument! Damn, we’re good.

Anyways, Kuttsukiboshi is, to be honest, a good watch. We love it. Only recommendable to a certain crowd, though.


If you guys know where to get the two songs featured in the anime, please tell us. Our TL loves the second ending theme.


  • 10sigh_baka
  • evilsearat
  • RoninChef
  • Endersgame
  • Lycurgus
  • Cyber1
  • Kokus
  • SHiN
  • Phycoforce
  • kobi
  • Uichan
  • Bananawaffles
  • Calyrica
  • Hiroto
  • Johnny


Title: Kuttsukiboshi
Alternative title: Stars Intertwined
Genres: drama, slice of life
Themes: school, yuri
Episodes: 2 episodes


Original Work: Naoya Ishikawa
Director: Naoya Ishikawa
Character Design: Naoya Ishikawa
Animation Production: Primastea


Group: SHiN-gx Fansubs

Container: MKV/AVI
Video: 720×480 H264 (8-bit)/848×480 XviD (8-bit)
Audio: 2.0 Stereo AC3/ 2.0 Stereo MP3
Subtitles: Soft Subtitles (ASS)/Hardsubs
Source: DVD


Kiiko is your normal girl, besides her secret of being able to move objects with her mind. When a new student named Aaya moves in, Kiiko starts to develop feelings toward her. The two will eventually then start their romantic relationship. Although everything seems fine, Kiiko does not know that Aaya has another secret, a secret that could ruin Kiiko’s feelings and trust for Aaya.

SERIES SUMMARY (Shorter version):





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Thank you for downloading, seed as much as you can! We apologize for any errors we unintentionally miss.

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The jolly crew of SHiN-gx Fansubs



  1. Nice picture & screenshots! Despite some defaults, it’s worth to be watched! YURI POWAAAAA!!!!

  2. Thanks for wonderful release!
    Did You changed anything in the first episode?

  3. @Hark0n:

    We re-edited it and changed the dialogue font to match with episode 02.

  4. Is there a v2->new version patch for the first episode?

  5. Loved the anime, the art was passable and the story … was a story.
    The ending made me go ‘wha?’ though. Overall a solid watch, not for all to enjoy obviously, but will most certainly please the more ‘refined’ crowd among us :3

  6. @noko:

    Episode 01 in the batch torrent is version 3. We just didn’t tag it.

  7. it would be nice if you could see with better rendering and also the actual act NAKED!!!! lol…
    but it’s still entertaining…

  8. It’s pretty impressive that this was mostly a one-man operation. Makes me think that with ever-increasing computer power and storage capacity, we’ll see more and more of this kind of thing, possibly with more and more fan-made anime with high production values.

    The ending was ok, I found it funny because it was so similar to the ending of Miracle Girls, which has a lot of other similarities as well.

  9. Thanks! πŸ˜€

  10. Thanks for the release! Ending was a little … weird … but ah well, not much in the way of good yuri, so savour what we get, eh?

    There are two original soundtrack CDs out, so you can either pick them up from amazon.co.jp (search for くっ぀きぼしγ‚ͺγƒͺγ‚ΈγƒŠγƒ«γ‚΅γ‚¦γƒ³γƒ‰γƒˆγƒ©γƒƒγ‚―) or see if there are any torrents out there.

  11. There ARE tak files for ost2 out if you cant buy the discs.

  12. [Link removed]
    I have found it. Here, you can download them. πŸ˜€

  13. [Link removed]
    There are more links here, if that link fails to work.

  14. @Leon Kishimoto:

    Why… Thank you very much! 10sigh_baka will be jumping with happiness once she finds out. :3

    Unfortunately we’re not gonna allow any external links other than Mediafire. WP is kinda unpredictable.

  15. @SHiN-gx
    Alright, totally fine with me!

  16. hmm question when i convert the video .mkv file the subs are not there anymore why?

  17. @^_^:

    Why would you do that? If it’s compatibility you’re looking for, we got the AVI version.

  18. well you see im trying to play it on my PLAYBOOK and it does play and the sounds are ok but the subs are not there anymore…and the one im talking about is [SHiN-gx] Shoujo Sect DVD [480p h.264] 829mb file…im new to this website maybe this it not the place to talk about this^^

  19. oh and another thing where can i find the .AVI version your talking about?tnx

  20. @^_^:

    Oh Shoujo Sect. We have an AVI version here: https://shingx.wordpress.com/2009/05/03/shoujo-sect-innocent-lovers-batch-torrents/

    I suggest you hold off for a while because we’re redoing the anime. However, if you really want to learn how to encode an MKV file and keeping the subtitles intact, I can give you detailed instructions on how to do it (depends on what style of encoding you’re using). You can use this method on any MKV file you see out there. Unfortunately, it comes with a very small fee. Pardon me for being money-centric.

  21. ohh I would like to give you that small fee but im sorry i dont have any card yet well you see im only 17 so sorry but ill try to download the .avi version..tnx for the link

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