Yuri-themed Music Video Ideas

May 31, 2012

Oh, don’t mind me. I’m just, you know, not keeping the blog dead. Also I want to say to the folks who are following us — We’re not a strictly yuri-only group. We sub non-yuri shows, but we specialize in yuri… Not much of a difference… Anyways!

I got an MP3 player last Christmas and I loaded up MP3s from Garbage and some anime OSTs. Oh yeah, aside from the Vision of Escaflowne OST, I also love the El Cazador de la Bruja OST. I mainly listen to Garbage songs and during my free time, I tend to visualize the songs I’m listening. There’s two Garbage songs that caught my attention and they’re perfect for yuri-related scenarios. Since I can’t animate my own video, I’ll just say what the stories are like.


The video is about a girl, with murderous tendencies, partially psychotic, is teaching her cheating girlfriend a lesson. It starts out when a few light bulbs are turned on and slowly lights up the room and multiple cameras were activated capturing whatever is inside the room. In the middle of the room sits an unconscious and drenched girl (Girl B) tied up, blindfolded, and gagged on a chair. She wakes up when heard the light bulbs’ distinct electric noise when turned on.  A female figure (Girl A) appears in front of the tied girl. Girl A approaches Girl B and Girl A whispers the first part of the lyrics. Girl B immediately recognizes the voice and she struggled to communicate with Girl A. Around 0:55 of the song, Girl A pushes Girl B, and Girl A steps back into the shadows.

I’m not sure what scenes to put around 0:56-1:08. I was thinking of a flashback sequence showing exactly how Girl B cheated. On the next part of the lyrics, Girl A took off Girl B’s blindfolds and proceeds talking to Girl B. Following the tone of the singer’s voice, you can picture out Girl A is rather obsessive and partially aroused. Around 1:50, Girl A once again pushes Girl B back and steps back into the shadows. Then Girl A flashes a series of pictures and signs to Girl B. Not too confident on what to use here. Either Girl A is flashing torn pictures of them together or flashing signs with the words “LIAR”, “CHEATER”, “I HATE YOU”.

On 2:18, things intensified. On an 8mm camera’s perspective, Girl A took off Girl B’s cloth that’s covering her mouth and proceeds to yell. They exchange words with a mix of flashbacks around 2:47 of the song. Girl B, still tied up, explains everything and apologizes to Girl A. Girl A, refuses to accept Girl B’s apology and they continue exchanging words. After that, I’m not so sure. I can’t figure out what’s the correct conclusion of the story. Either they reconciled, or Girl A killed Girl B, or Girl A left leaving Girl B alone in the room.


A story of obsession and lust. Unfortunately I haven’t really spend time creating a story for this one. I have made variations of the story, but a story of an obsessive fan fits the bill here. Girl A, the singer, is madly in love with a female movie star who starred many movies regarding homosexuality. Setting is Girl A in her room with posters of her favorite star. She sings and the entire sequence is her lustfully gazing at the posters, masturbating, recalling her attending events celebrity events, and fantasizes her being part in that star’s movies. She wants to be with the star and she will do anything. Story ends as the girl drowned herself in her sexual fantasies… I think.

Well, that’s it. There are some other Garbage songs with yuri potential like “Queer” and “You Look so Fine”, but sadly I didn’t go in-depth. Maybe I’ll share another in the future. Also if I want to make music videos using any yuri anime out there, I want to use Kannazuki no Miko in my #1 Crush video.

What do you think? Oh and feel free to share your original yuri-related story ideas and the best songs for them.

— Just killed boredom for another 10 minutes



  1. Should there be video clips for those songs or have you made the story up from the music?

    Anyway, now that you’re talking about yuri stories I do remember something that I saw about half a year ago: two girls from around 15 years kissing in front of me in the bus, was an awesome experience! (I really lol’ed when people behind me started saying things like “Did they kiss on the mouth?”)

  2. What, what, whaaaaat?
    I stopped dead in my tracks when I saw the term non-yuri. I’m trying to understand, but the very thought makes me dizzy and confused. I don’t understand. I can’t understand. There must be something wrong. But what could it be?
    I think I need to go marathon every episode of Strawberry Panic … right now! Where is my Yaya hug pillow???

  3. @Ovindel:

    I made up the story based on the lyrics. The songs are not the “happy” or “romantic” kind, but I do like some angsty yuri. Oh and I have yet to see such an encounter. Lucky you, I’d say!

  4. talik about yuri…. you won’t work Saki Achiga-Gen? =P remember it have a looooooot of yuri *¬* (and cute girls :D)

  5. You have an interesting way of writing fanfics/yuri novels. If you ever plan on publishing a book, let me know and I’ll probably buy it…provided I learn how to order online without getting an urge to kill someone.

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