Picture of the Week (?)

June 21, 2012

Oh hey… Another anime employing the tried and tested “buy our DVDs, you get titties” marketing scheme. Yes, I didn’t watch the anime, but this GIF is very delicious. :3

Didn’t you know this blog is 99.9% gay?


Also 20 Likes Achievement GET! Wow! 20 likes given to a 5 year-old blog!

— SHiN


The plan to fansub Yuru Yuri Season 2 is still up. We may going to change some things like using a different font for the dialogue, etc. After staring at the GIF, writing us suggestions for our upcoming YY S2 project in the comment section would be greatly appreciated!



  1. *Clicks the like button* Now 21 likes! Must watch OVA nao

  2. Oh well, at least I watched the TV series and cared more about the episode as a whole rather than the unexpecting twincest goodness. Oh well, it’s twincest. What kind of self respecting yuri nation member (Who isn’t picky) would deny twincest/siscon?

  3. Cannot stop staring at the gif. Watched the OVA before. Shall watch it again!!

  4. What Anime Show is the Gif from? I would like to know, Thanks.

  5. @Joe

  6. Thanks for the name of the show.

  7. what episode is this out of?

  8. @jazzviper:

    From episode 00, if I recall. 🙂

  9. @SHiN-gx
    Just watched it last week and yes it is from episode 00.

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