Computer parts delayed

June 22, 2012

As you already know, the group’s HQ is super secretly located somewhere in Southeast Asia called the Philippines and one of the problems with Filipinos buying stuff online are shipping charges and restrictions to ship certain items to said secret location. We can’t order in Newegg because they don’t support international shipping and Amazon restricts me from buying the i5 2500K and 2 4GB Corsair Vengeance RAM sticks. We were then pointed to Tiger Direct and thankfully they allow sending the stuff we wanted here. Unfortunately we have to pay the shipping costs and it’s pretty expensive.


EDIT: We’ll settle on what we have.

There are other options like the Philippine store Sulit. However I’m not familiar with the suppliers and quite frankly I don’t trust them. Also I’m not in Metro Manila and the parts being sold here are… Well… there are no good parts… The fastest CPU available here is an i3. Also they only have generic RAM sticks.

We already have a new tower case, motherboard, video card, and other miscellaneous stuff.

Please feel free to comment.

— SHiN


I intentionally used the delicious Saki GIF to get your attention.



  1. Saki is best Kiseki.

  2. Oh the irony of buying stuff made in China, Taiwan and Malaysia from a company in America and having it sent back just a few miles away from where it was made.

    Surely there is somewhere closer to get parts from. Stores in China, Taiwan, or even Austrailia don’t ship to the Philippines?

  3. @A. Crush:

    There are some stores, but I can’t say I trust these sites. Amazon gained my trust after buying a few items there without fail. Except Amazon.jp… You can actually buy the stuff I wanted in Amazon, but through their partners. Problem with that is the shipping prices are tad bit expensive. If we go with that we may end up buying the i5 and 4 GB of RAM instead of 8 GB.

  4. I’m more of a Rin fan myself but there’s no denying Saki’s an early bloomer in the sex appeal department and will woo many men and women alike in the future. Her breasts become bigger when she’s invisible after all.

    Anyway, good luck getting your new PC imported or whatever the real issue with it is.

  5. I guess expensive shipping but getting genuine merchandise beats taking a chance and getting a lower price. Just seems weird to order stuff from the other side of the world after it already made the trip once.

    Maybe you can get someone from the U.S. to order them and then send them? A CPU and memory sticks should be super cheap to send first class, or US$17 if sent priority mail out of their package.

  6. @A. Crush:

    We had someone and that’s actually our plan to buy the stuff and send it to them and forward it to me. But he’s getting married and currently doesn’t have the time to do other things. In fact he still has the video card we bought and it’s been almost a month now.

    In the end though, we’ll eventually get the items we wanted.

  7. WoW! akalain mo yung server nyo nasa pinas hehe 🙂
    Anyway sana ma-ship na agad yang parts niyo.

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