Yuru Yuri Drama CDs — Not yet dropped

June 28, 2012

Just telling you guys that we’re still doing the drama CDs at a very slow pace. And to show you guys that we’re really doing them, here are a few unedited lines from the second drama CD a.k.a. Ayano and Kyouko alone in the gym equipment room (yummy!). Translation courtesy of Uichan.

This door always gets stuck…
I’ll do something about it later.
I’ll have to bring it up at the student council.
Hey, are we done yet, Ayano?
If we don’t finish cleaning up here soon,
we’ll miss our lunch break.
I’ll get it open, just a second!
Why do I have to clean up the gym equipment room,
together with Toshinou Kyouko…
T-Together… alone with Toshinou Kyouko…
C’mon! How long are you gonna take?
With this kinda thing, you gotta take a deep breath…
H-Hold on!
And it’s done!
You see?
Don’t “you see?” me! That could disturb people!
But it got us in, didn’t it?
That doesn’t make it alright!
What would we do if the door broke due to your recklessness?
I’d give you the Buckingham penalty!
More importantly, let’s get cleaning.
There you go being reckless again!
I told you, it’s the Buckingham penalty if you break something!
Toshinou Kyouko!
That’s all of it.
Now, let’s get back to the classroom and eat lunch-
The door suddenly…
Could this be… a poltergeist’s doing?!
No, no. It was me.
Toshinou Kyouko, what did you do?!
I just thought it’d be neat to suddenly close the door.
That’s not neat at all!
Why are you always like this?!
I’m not that great.
That’s wasn’t a compliment!
Honestly… I can’t put up with you.
Let’s hurry back and eat our-
Eat our–

Please pardon the rough edges. We assure you they won’t be be present in the final version. The sad part is we get to enjoy the drama CDs first. :3 Also see: Looking for Fan Artists

The jolly crew of SHiN-gx Fansubs


One comment

  1. That’s fine by me. I’ve been waiting 3 years for the TRUE second season of Saki, I can wait a while longer for some yummy Drama CD goodness.

  2. haha… tidak sabar nunggu kelanjutan pilem koplak ini^^

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