SHiN-gx Fansubs – Pro Kyouko x Ayano?

July 12, 2012

It has come to my attention that a group of people is accusing me being biased for the Kyouko x Ayano pairing and we’re reflecting this in our fansubs… Kinda uncalled for because, as of this writing, we haven’t released the second episode. Rest assured we’ll treat whatever is happening in the anime fairly.

I admit I’m a Kyou x Aya loyalist, but it doesn’t mean I shun other pairings. I’m just saying Kyouko x Ayano is simply SUPERIOR. It’s just my opinion on the matter, guys. Although my opinion is better tha– Whoops.

— SHiN



  1. As the translator, I try to stay as unbiased as possible.

  2. So suddenly it;s wrong to have a personal favorite/opinion. Humanity at its finest ladies and gentlemen “Says this with a sarcastic tone”.

  3. Ayano is Chitose’s, they just don’t realise it yet.
    Kyouko is Yui’s, and viceversa, they just don’t realise it yet.
    Akari is Chinatsu’s bitch and has probably realised it by now.

  4. Doomed Childhood Friend? Whoops.
    Oh well, I trust you Uichan. Thanks for translating such a wonderful series!

  5. Is this really a concern people have? I am constantly amazed by the internet’s ability to get riled up about things.

  6. Shut up, internet.

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