June 2012 Poll Results

July 31, 2012

The results are in! Now this is a very sensitive poll and we don’t want to be biased of any sort, so instead of writing down the results, we’ll just post a screenshot of the poll. Without further ado, here are the final results!

(click to enlarge)

EDIT: Uh… Whoops. Something went wrong. It appears the image we uploaded is corrupted. We apologize for the technical difficulties. However the results are still legible — 123 of the voters (45%) chose Toshinou Kyouko as the main protagonist of Yuru Yuri, followed by Funami Yui with 16 votes (6%) and Yoshikawa Chinatsu with 6 votes (2%).

The poll is obviously one-sided from the start. Kyouko is clearly the protagonist with her spunky attitude, the driving force of the group, and has more screen time than the rest.

Thank you for participating, folks! See ya in the next poll (after we release episode 5).



  1. Nyohoho

  2. Trololomuch? Akari is the protagonist, Toushino Kyouko is the main character. Akari is Watson, Kyouko is Holmes.

  3. Where is AKARIN?!

  4. @Johnny Who?

  5. I have only one word for how Shin-GX treated the mini-goddess of yuri, BLASPHEMERS! How DARE you!? Just because the writers are merciless doesn’t mean you also,

    Okay, joke over but it’s still not fair, despite it being her defining characteristic.

  6. No wait, I take what I said up there back. I bet TOSHINOU KYOKO, paid Shin-GX fansubs to work the polls.

  7. @Overlord-G:

    I… I don’t know what you’re talking about…

  8. I’ll right this injustice by becoming
    that supposed fourth girl whose existence you continue to deny”‘s manager.

    P.S.: As cute as Yui and Ui look together, Azu-Nyan is Yui’s destined soulmate.

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