Yuru Yuri S2 Episode 05 is OUT!!!

August 4, 2012

In this episode, we find out that Akari is actually a ghost and is haunting the town, in particular, the school. Everyone realizes that they haven’t seen Akari in a few days and start looking for her everywhere. At first, the search turns up nothing, but a few more hours in, Chitose feels something tingling her back and screams, to which everyone runs to her general direction. But when they all manage to get there… She’s missing…

At first, everyone is shocked and assumes that she was kidnapped, but after a few days, the search for her goes cold, and they assume the worst. They resume the search for Akari, and Yui thinks of asking the security personnel at the school. After walking to the school, they find the guard and ask if she has seen Akari and if they can see some security footage of when they were playing on the school grounds a few days prior. She hesitantly agrees to show them the footage and escorts them to the security room. After a few minutes of scrolling through the footage, they find the clip they were looking for… but to everyone’s surprise, Akari is nowhere to be found in the footage.

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They decide to stay around the school after dark to see if Akari is on the school grounds, and they split up. Kyouko and Ayano check the first floor, Yui and Chinatsu check the second floor, and Sakurako and Himawari check the third floor. After about 10 minutes, there’s a loud bang, followed by a deafening scream echoing throughout the school. Another 10 minutes pass by when another bang and scream are heard. It seems that everyone decided to regroup after this, but when it looks like everyone has gathered, they realize Himawari and Sakurako have gone missing. So the girls go to the third floor to find them and maybe even find clues as to where Akari might be.

After looking around frantically, the search turns up nothing, and so the girls make the trek back down, but when Yui looks around, Kyouko and Ayano are nowhere to be seen. Assuming they just got sidetracked, Yui and Chinatsu turn around to look for them.

They reach the end to find no one was there. Yui yells for Kyouko to stop playing with them, but there’s no response. As Yui turns towards Chinatsu, she hears a door close. It’s close by, so she thinks it’s Kyouko. She runs towards the door, forgetting about Chinatsu. When she reaches the door, she realizes that she had left Chinatsu alone, but opens the door anyway, only to find no one. After rushing back to where she had last seen Chinatsu, she finds only her shoes and a trail of red liquid.

She follows the trail around the school and finds that it ends at the gym storage room with a little bit of light shining through the door. She tries to open it, but to no avail. Being this close to what might be a clue about everyone’s whereabouts, she keeps trying. Since it’s already very late, she wants to find out quickly. She keeps at it and eventually the door cracks open. After about 20 minutes of effort, she opens the door and finds Akari, Chitose, Sakurako, Himawari, Kyouko, Ayano, and Chinatsu all just sitting around eating food and drinking. Akari turned out to be a ghost that didn’t actually want to haunt anyone anymore.



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!!! We suggest you watch the episode first before reading these. !!!

00:05:31Warabimochi is a jelly-like dessert covered in kinako (sweet, toasted soybean flour). It is a popular summertime food in Japan, especially in and around the Kansai region, which is roughly where Yuru Yuri takes place.

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  1. You make great story!!

  2. @Aya:

    Oh hi. How is the typesetting coming along? I hope you feel right at home.

  3. So that’s how you all feel about Akarin…it all makes sense now. Ah well, Kaede returned so I’ll let your continuous blasphemy slide this week.

    Anyway, you should write more ghost stories.

  4. >You make great story!!

    SHiN’s idea but my writing

    It was pretty fun…had to whip it up in a quick second >_>

    (psst thanks for the hat SHiN)

  5. I’ve sent it back some days ago~
    I’ll send it again~

  6. Link is now dead. Just letting you know.

  7. @Pheonix:

    Fixed. Thanks!

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