What happened?

August 17, 2012

I do admit I’m not an avid follower of the manga, so I might have missed something important and, if ever, they will only be vaguely mentioned in the anime. I do read the manga… by random chapters.

Anyway, in this scene, Chitose claimed Ayano is “a little shy” and “she usually sits alone at her desk” on their first year. This is very surprising because, in their second year, Ayano is very vocal during her student council activities, and doesn’t even shy away from yelling in a crowded hallway.

What happened? I’ll make a wild guess — TOSHINOU KYOUKO happened. Something happened during Ayano’s first year and Kyouko was the catalyst that influenced Ayano’s shift from a shy girl to a vocal school representative. I do hope this is covered in the manga or at the very least show the back story between the two in the anime.

— SHiN


The sarcasm detectors are seem to be broken in the previous blog post. I should have been subtle.


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  1. sarcasm detector: fix or repair daily

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