Stuff Delayed. Again.

August 21, 2012

Whoops! I do apologize for again delaying the batch torrent of Working!! S1. To be honest, I was shamefully distracted because of  *cough*MannvsMachine*cough*. We did manage to release the XviD batch torrent for Kaibutsu Oujo OVA though! The Working!! S1 DVD batch torrent will be delayed for a while. And as for our Yuru Yuri episode 08 status, the episode will be delayed for a while because the TL is busy of something.

— SHiN



  1. its not like i have the same amount of time that i use to, like i use to sit down and watch a whole show beginning to end in like 2 days….. now i just sleep n game…….. and work. as i side note. that character….. i never got up to the point wear she came in…. on a more side note http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=endscreen&NR=1&v=9bZkp7q19f0

  2. Pretty soon, that link will no longer be new to anyone any more.

  3. 😀 not with how much im shearing it. its got like 16millon more views sins i was shown it. the making of a new meme 😀

  4. I guess if you shear it, there won’t be much of the video left pretty soon anyway…

  5. Re. Yuruyuri: Does anyone know how I can set the subtitle track to “with honorifics” by default so I don’t have to switch it every time I play a new episode?

  6. @kuro:

    Unfortunately, you can’t. The MKV container is set to display the no-honorifics version. The only way to do it is remux the MKV file into a new one and remove the no-honorifics version.

  7. Come on, YRYR’s translator!

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