Playing SNES games

September 2, 2012

I’m just gonna advertise a bit here — I’ll upload video game footage every week on YouTube as a Let’s Play thing. I’ll pick some games, and I’ll play them from start to finish. I will not do a speed run, resorting to save states, or anything like that… I just want to relive my childhood by playing these great games again. For now I will not be putting special gimmicks like commentary, putting in random speech bubbles, etc. It will be straight out gameplay footage of games. If things go according to plan, I may have just found something to waste more time on.

If you’re interested/bored, check out my other blog next week. I’m sure watching someone else playing video games is, uh, fun!

I’m thinking of playing Super Mario World first and attempt to complete every levels. Or Chrono Trigger.

— SHiN



  1. No commentary? What a shame…

  2. You should try Tales of Phantasia too.

  3. @Hairy:

    You really want a commentary, huh? Do you want something else? šŸ™‚


    I think I rented that one years ago. I think.

  4. Let’s have a face cam then.
    That’ll be fun.

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