SELLING: TF2 Backpack for $$$

September 24, 2012

To put it simply, we’re lacking funds and, uh, we need funds. I’m sure there are a bunch of you play Team Fortress 2, so I’m selling all tradable items I have in my backpack for real money out of, uh, you know, desperation.

How much is my backpack? I’m going to base the price using backpack.tf. As of right now, my entire backpack is around $192.00. Where will you send the money? Please click on the Paypal link on the right side. You have to add me on Steam to make the trade and inform me you sent the money. Unfortunately, I’m not a respected trader so I don’t have any rep to show. If you want some assurance, I don’t like the idea of my group — a group I loved and managed for years — to be affected by doing something stupid. I certainly don’t want that.

Alternate backpack viewer: TF2B

So yeah, buy my stuff and help us out here!


If you don’t want the items and want to help instead, then, uh, there’s a Paypal donate link up there. DONATE… please?

Below are some images of the hats and miscs combination.



  1. fine have $20

  2. @zog:

    Thank you very much! I will update the Donors list as soon as our treasurer (yeah, we have one and I don’t have direct access to the account) confirms the transfer.

  3. That stuff is pretty nice but I don’t have any money for anything.

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