Yuru Yuri S2 Episode 12 (END) is OUT!!!

September 29, 2012

Encore! Encore! Encore!

We’re finally done and boy that was a very exhausting season!

Episode 12 pokes fun at one of the most loved fairly tales out there and showed us one last Akarin Paradox. It’s so confusing, Stephen Hawking can’t even figure it out. And, uh… We can’t believe this is the last episode… Season 3, when? WHEN?! ;_;

Please enjoy this episode, folks! Oh and thank you for following this anime using our fansub version. We really do apologize for the honest mistakes we made and we assure they will be fixed in the batch torrents.


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!!! We suggest you watch the episode first before reading these. !!!

Pacchin — a word meaning “slingshot”. Yui is referring to the way the toy shoots upward, but it is clearly not a slingshot.

Popping Eyes (Poppin Ai) — a toy which was popular amongst Japanese children in the 1980s. It is made out of an elastic material, which, when pressed against a hard surface, will return to its original form. This produces a force which propels it upward, sometimes quite high into the air.

Cat’s Cradle — a game played between two people with string. The objective is to make several figures out of the string, including the titular Cat’s Cradle. It is a prevalent game originating in some form or another across numerous cultures around the world – one of which being Japan.

Kendama — a toy of Japanese origin which consists of a ball connected via string to a wooden piece of sorts (a spike with a cup on either side). The objective is to try and land the ball (with a hollow in the middle) onto one of either the spike, or two cups. There are more advanced ways of playing as well.

Beigoma — a traditional spinning top in Japan, which may have its origins in China. Interestingly, the “bey” in “Beyblade” is admittedly derived from “beigoma”. A big difference being that instead of a rip chord and launcher, beigoma are spun using a chord wrapped directly around them.

Ohajiki — a Japanese equivalent of glass marbles. The only real difference is that they are slightly more flat.

Menko — a Japanese card game popularized during the Edo period. It involves smacking down cards, which may be more entertaining than playing poker…

Taketonbo — originating from China, it is a toy bamboo propeller which, when spun from a person’s hands, flies into the air and gradually comes back down.

Comments? Suggestions? Violent Reactions? Please tell us!

Thank you for downloading, seed as much as you can! Oh and if you got some spare change, please support the group by donating a bit.

The jolly crew of SHiN-gx Fansubs



  1. Hope there will be a 3rd season!

  2. Do you think there is going to be a different blueray version?

  3. Thanks for subbing!
    YRYR was one of only two series I wanted to watch this season. I appreciate the good work you guys did.
    Good luck with future stuffs!

  4. Just wanted to say thanks for another impeccably subbed season of YRYR – donation coming your way as soon as I get paid. Speaking of which, what’s going on with the sidebar? Says you’ve raised $70 / $500 for 2012 but adding up all the entries on the “list of donors” page I get $581! Don’t worry, I’m still going to throw a donation your way, but it would be good if the sidebar was updated when donations are made. Maybe you should increase your goal for 2012 to $750? Then we’ve still got something to shoot for!

    Anyway, thanks again, see you next season (I hope)!

  5. @Tsun:

    Thank you in advance! For the amount, we set a target of $480 a few months ago. We’ve reached that goal and got the stuff we wanted (most of them) and we set a new target — $500. $750 would be nice, but I doubt we’ll reach it before 2013.


    What do you mean? You’re asking if we’re going to provide the 1080p version?


    Thank you, too, and we’re glad to be of service!

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