What’s next for SHiN-gx Fansubs?

September 30, 2012

Now that Yuru Yuri is finished, we’re going to shift our attention to its batch torrent release. Correcting translation errors and improving the typesetting is our top priority. We can’t guarantee when we’ll release the batch torrents, so those who are waiting for our XviD version will have to wait for a while.

After the batch torrents, what’s next? Given that everyone has other priorities like school and summer break is over, we don’t think we’re free enough to fully commit ourselves to fansub a new show this season. So yeah, no new projects this season and we’ll focus more on our old shows (Working’!!, Zero no Tsukaima F), and probably resume Full Moon wo Sagashite. However, we may fansub any OVA that is coming in the next few months. If you have an OVA in mind and want us to sub it, please leave us comment in the Fansub Q & A page. There is no guarantee we’ll sub the OVA you want though. We’ll check it out first.

We’re not actually dead. We’ll fansub a TV series next summer. Oh, the .hack movie? It’s still in our radar. We’ll keep you posted.

— SHiN



  1. Sounds good, I’m waiting for the batch to watch YY, and would like to see ZnTF finished up as well, plus Full Moon wa Sagashite should definitely be completed. Taking a break from regular projects until summer, with the occasional OVA release, should make life easier and the old projects that much better.

  2. Work hard in college and keep on rockin’ whenever you have the opportunity to do so. Let’s all hope for a Yuru Yuri 3.

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