Whoa… Links are ALL DEAD because…

October 4, 2012

WordPress suspended SHiN-gx Fansubs a while ago because, well, it’s obvious — we violated their Terms of Service. In order for this blog to keep breathing for another few years (until posting cute girls doing cute things is a violation), we removed all DDL and bittorrent links. We will still fansub anime, but we will only post announcements with no links. Where will you download our fansubs from now on? Well, you should know where to find them by now.

It’s very inconvenient, we admit, but it’s the only way to keep this blog from being dead.

Our second option is to move to a new host.

Comments? Suggestions?

— SHiN



  1. My suggestion is that you offer fansubs on VHS. Have people mail you a blank cassette and a few bucks for shipping, and send it back with subbed episodes. It would be retro.

  2. Try a DNS host, they usually give free WP hosting. I have a free WP with Bluehost for example.

  3. Oh no!

  4. i say new host fuck wordpress anyway

  5. Everything is getting worked out. Until then just search on Nyaa.eu or TokyoTosho whenever you see a release (I guess)

  6. Everybody knows where to get the downloads anyway.

  7. You guys are great, thanks for everything.

  8. http://hosting-fansub.org/
    It’s a fansub webhosting provider. Although it’s for spanish fansubs, it can be useful to you.

  9. nyatorrents šŸ˜›

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