We’re moving

October 5, 2012

Yeah, we’re moving because WordPress is no longer fun. The blog is still standing because I unpublished all 440+ posts. As long as there are no bittorrent links, this blog will live to see another day. SHiN-gx Fansubs is moved to Anirena with the help of Power2All. You can visit the new site now.

Please excuse the mess. I’m not yet done with the spring cleaning. Release posts and stuff will be all there and, uh, update your bookmarks, I guess. We’re considering buying a domain, but not right now. Obviously placing a small donation will, uh, you know, uh… *ahem*

So, yeah, see you there.

— SHiN


Anyone got a spare Ebenezer, Bill’s Hat and BMOC and is willing to, uh, give aw– just forget it…



  1. I presume the design and all is not final? I liked the one you used on wordpress.com.
    Because this post is not on the new website.

  2. @Ovindel:

    All of the posts are all there, and the design is temporary. The reason why this post is not in the new one because we imported our stuff before I wrote this.

  3. All right, I already expected that. See you there!

  4. What’s the deal with wordpress?

  5. @anon:

    They hate people posting bittorrent download links of copyrighted stuff. We obviously happen to host such links. Why were singled out of hundreds is a mystery.

  6. What do you need $500 for? Another graphics card?

  7. @Name:

    I do believe we already made a list on where the donations are going. There is no reason why we’re adding another video card.

  8. http://thebest404pageever.com/swf/zorak.swf

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