Yuru Yuri S2 this July

June 25, 2015

Only a few more days and it’s Yuru Yuri season 2! Yuru Yuri is going to be big and I predict they’re finally going to introduce the sisters of one of the main YY characters. They might even steal the show away from the Amusement Club. Are we excited? Yes… YES WE ARE!

Fansubbing-wise, the people who are going to fansub season 2 are the same people who fansubbed season 1 and since it’s summer break in some parts of the world, Uichan, the translator will have time to translate the show and hopefully release the episodes faster. We sorta did that in season 1 and we hope we can repeat the pace in season 2.

In our fansub version, we will provide 2 subtitles — The first one will have the no-honorifics version and the second one will have them. Also we’d like to point out the translation for the title Yuru Yuri. In season 1 we used “Sway ‘n Shake” and I know, we did it wrong. Majority of you screamed “don’t translate the damn title!”… However, we will still stay true to our ideals and translate the title. We’re thinking of retaining “Sway ‘n Shake” and put it in the no-honorifics version and use Yuru Yuri in the honorifics version. Or scrap “Sway ‘n Shake” and use a new translation that stay true to the Japanese title.


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