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Picture of the Week (?)

June 21, 2012

Oh hey… Another anime employing the tried and tested “buy our DVDs, you get titties” marketing scheme. Yes, I didn’t watch the anime, but this GIF is very delicious. :3

Didn’t you know this blog is 99.9% gay?


Also 20 Likes Achievement GET! Wow! 20 likes given to a 5 year-old blog!

— SHiN


The plan to fansub Yuru Yuri Season 2 is still up. We may going to change some things like using a different font for the dialogue, etc. After staring at the GIF, writing us suggestions for our upcoming YY S2 project in the comment section would be greatly appreciated!


Yuri-themed Music Video Ideas

May 31, 2012

Oh, don’t mind me. I’m just, you know, not keeping the blog dead. Also I want to say to the folks who are following us — We’re not a strictly yuri-only group. We sub non-yuri shows, but we specialize in yuri… Not much of a difference… Anyways!

I got an MP3 player last Christmas and I loaded up MP3s from Garbage and some anime OSTs. Oh yeah, aside from the Vision of Escaflowne OST, I also love the El Cazador de la Bruja OST. I mainly listen to Garbage songs and during my free time, I tend to visualize the songs I’m listening. There’s two Garbage songs that caught my attention and they’re perfect for yuri-related scenarios. Since I can’t animate my own video, I’ll just say what the stories are like.

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A Random Thought

May 8, 2012

Kuuko wishes to have babies with Nyaruko.

I’m very, uh, proud that Japan is throwing out a lot of yuri fanservice this season… Or it’s just I’m wearing my goggles too tight. From my observation for the past few years, yuri fanservice is starting to get common and I certainly hope this is a stepping stone to more yuri-themed anime in the future. *ahem*Not crap like Strawberry Panic.*ahem*

1970’s — Super Robots
1980’s — Cyberpunk
1990’s — Power levels and alternate dimensions
2000’s — Harem and SoL
2010’s — Incest and Yuri

The era of harem anime with boring and stupid male characters, and redundant boobies/panty shots is over!

Oh and where is Sono Hanabira OVA 2, Japan?!


Of course I’m exaggerating on my observations.


Terraria – Problem Solved!

March 25, 2012



I disabled two out of four pumps and as you can see, the waterfalls look, uh, pathetic. I will add two more layers of water, but I have to re-design the waterfalls structure and do some experiments first. After this… I’m not sure what to do next. I could, you know, get all of the items in Terraria or try out a different “class”. My character is more on the half-melee and half-range. Might try doing a mage play style.

Or just finish up my underground barricade to stop the Hallow and Corruption from getting near my base.

Oh wait. Oh crap! I know, we’re way, way, WAY, WAY behind on Zero no Tsukaima F. I’m sure some of you are not taking us seriously and in all honesty, it’s painful for us. We must meet the demand, yes, but it’s kinda hard to do that. We do hope we’ll improve when fansubbing Yuru Yuri Season 2. It’s summer, some of us will be on vacation!

– SHiN


SHiN’s Solo Terraria Adventure

March 21, 2012

This is the first structure I built and Terraria was around version 1.0.5, I believe. I named my world “Monolith” because I want to build a towering structure at the middle. Before I built my towering behemoth, I focused my time upgrading my gear, so that I can go underground and acquire rare ores and materials. *ahem* I didn’t change worlds and I dedicated my entire time on one world and one building.

A trip down memory lane.

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Common Hat Infection

March 12, 2012

I hate to admit it, but… I’m addicted to Hat Fortress 2. I spend most of my time in TF2 not playing. If you read my sorta-dead wordpress, I’m a trader/weapons dealer, and in one day I earn around 2-3 refined metal selling stuff. That’s enough to buy two common hats or randomly craft one hat. I already have two alt accounts (another one is coming) to triple my item drop rate (then smelt them to metal)… and guess what? These alt accounts are still not enough! Oh god, someone help me. TF2 is wasting my life away. ;_;

The Brigade Helm and Last Breath were crafted by me. :3

– SHiN
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Terraria Adventure… Where?

March 6, 2012

Our adventure didn’t go well… We didn’t have a dedicated server and generally we’re busy at something else. The adventure will be put on hold. ;_;

Anyways, this is my world Monolith and I’ve been in it since I bought the game and right now I’m going to show you two mechanisms I came up using the game’s wiring/trigger system. The first one (above and below) is a draw bridge. I flooded the right side are of my castle with water and the only way to access my castle is through this bridge station.

Bridge open

Bridge closed

Cool, ain’t it? The second one is… a failed construction; all thanks to the water duplicating bug. My second structure is a waterfalls system. It uses pumps to pump water out of the lake and pour it back. I placed the waterfalls near the entrance of my castle and it’s near the draw bridge. Think of it a bridge leading you through the falls.

Outlet pumps

One of the four inlet pumps

The structure is still in skeletons because I halted my project due to the water duplicating bug. If you activate the pump, it somehow duplicates the water and as a result, the water level rises if you leave the pumps running. It’s very disappointing.

That’s it. We do apologize our Terraria adventure didn’t go smoothly. Oh and I made a new post in the other blog. Yes, it’s about TF2 again. Go and check it out!

– SHiN