How to Play Anime

Is your computer unable to open an anime episode in an MKV container or even it does play, the subtitles won’t show up on screen? Is playback rather choppy or freezes and the audio will not play or is out of sync with the video? Then, this page will solve your problems! Simply click on the links for the guide and we, SHiN-gx Fansubs guarantee a 100% playback success (Assuming you followed the instructions carefully and or your machine’s processor is high enough).

For Windows Users:

  • Download CCCP which can be found through HERE. Follow the instructions and set Media Player Classic as your default media player.
  • If you want optimum performance and get the best quality playback possible for low end PCs, check out this guide HERE.

For Windows Users with CUDA enabled Nvidia Cards:

  • Enable CUDA Acceleration in CoreAVC to let your Nvidia card do the video processing.

For MAC Users:

For Linux Users:

If you’re still having trouble playing anime after following the guides above, please report your problem in their respected threads and not here – we’re a fansub group and not a playback troubleshooting blog. Our sotfsub releases are not compatible, I repeat, NOT COMPATIBLE with the VLC Player, Winamp, <insert other standalone media players> and we will not make our releases (MKV versions) compatible with the said players in the future.

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