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K-ON!! Teaser Trailer OUT!!!

April 2, 2010

Surprise, surprise! Our second project this season is K-ON!! (double exclamation point means season 2… uh… duh) next to Working!! (double exclamation point doesn’t mean season 2… uh… duh) Our translator fell in love with season 1 and with the rest us liking this kind of show, it was inevitable. Yes, we’re very fired up! =) Gotta find ourselves a *ahem*bot and an FTP.*ahem*

Enjoy! And yeah, this is no April Fools’ gag. =)


K-ON!! – Teaser Trailer (h.264+softsubs) v2 whoopsie!

DDL: (Megaupload)

K-ON!! – Teaser Trailer (h.264+softsubs) v2

Thank you for downloading and please seed as much as possible!

The jolly crew of SHiN-gx Fansubs


Myself; Yourself Batch Torrent OUT!!!

February 9, 2009

We wanted to use the hacksaw bow picture but this one is better.

Here it is, Batch torrent for SHiN-gx’s first ever 13 episode project, Myself; Yourself! This show reminded us how hard it is to sub an anime series for the first time. Back then, we have limited staff, resources and knowledge (mostly on distro, encoding, script timing, etc.). Since we were not really known, looking for support is difficult. I, SHiN, can still recall I encoded the episodes with no filters, no idea what the hell is AVC and learned a thing or two on how to configure XviD.

This is our first release and expect a few errors here, a few errors there, and other stuff. We’re not saying our subs  really suck, you can still notice our style is in there and… Oh yeah, long before we enforced a no-honorific policy, our version of Myself; Yourself has honorifics like any other current fansubs.

*ahem* Let’s stop the chatter!

Without further ado, we present you Myself; Yourself in 576p XviD!


Myself; Yourself 1-13 [576p XviD]

Thank you for downloading and please seed as much as you can!

The Staff of SHiN-gx Fansubs.

asd/freakonature00: We’re releasing DVD versions of Myself; Yourself. With revamped subs! So that means, if you see errors in this batch, it won’t be in the DVD version! Watch out for it! =D


We’re recruiting new staff members for our current and future projects

November 21, 2008

To maintain the quality of our releases, SHiN-gx & Genjo-Subs are in need of additional staff members. We’re doing our best to give you consistent quality fansubs but like any one of us, we’re not perfect. We make mistakes in translation and editing and our Quality Checkers (the entire staff) and Translation Checkers are there to pinpoint and correct those mistakes. However, with Kannagi being brutal with their puns in each passing episode, we need more help. What we really, really, need right now are new Translators, TLCs (Translation Checkers) and more Quality Checkers. With more people means lesser the chance for errors on the fansubs.

For a more complete information, please visit this LINK.

We’re reminding you folks that we’re releasing the DVD version of Candy Boy this December! Not only you’ll get DVD quality of Candy Boy, you’ll get the new and improved subs!  You better think twice that we’re giving you more of the same subs. We’re re-working on episode 1 and again, we apologize for that huge mess and we dearly hope we can redeem ourselves in the DVD version.

Regarding Shoujo Sect episode 2, we didn’t dropped it and we’re setting its priority to low. So yeah, we will NOT drop this! Who wants to drop Yuri anyway?

Thank for reading!

The Staff of SHiN-gx & Genjo-Subs