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Candy Boy notes, etc.

December 2, 2010

In all honesty, I don’t know what they’re talking about.

Not to clutter the Candy Boy release post, I’ll post the release notes and the rest here. Just in case you missed the earlier notes, I’ll write them all here.


  • Used new fonts for the dialogue and everything in general
  • Significantly reduced the number of sign translations only retaining what we think are relevant
  • No more TL Notes
  • Sign translations appear only once, meaning if you encounter the same signs in the next episodes, they will not be translated
  • File sizes per episode increased by a few megabytes
  • English translation only for the ending themes
  • English with Romaji are only available in the music videos
  • Removed insert song translations
  • Recommended order to watch Candy Boy is ONA > EX1 > Episodes 1-4 > EX2 > Episodes 5-7


Unfortunately, I… messed up the audio of the music video Koi no Katachi. The DVD audio is poor compared to the CD single’s audio. The plan was to switch the audio of the DVD with the audio from the CD single and for some reason (one reason probably I was sleepy), I forgot to check the encode before releasing it to the public. I’m sorry and sad to say I will not make a patch to fix the audio problem.


See How to Play Anime page. Some of the episodes are heavy on the typesetting and for them display correctly, as always, use our recommended codec pack.


and everyone who donated and supported the project

In no particular order, these are the people who helped produce the Candy Boy fansubs. A lot of them left, sure, but they gave us the material we need to go on. I think I forgot a name or two so if your name is not on the list, give me a holler!

What’s next? We’ll divert our attention back to Sasameki Koto DVD and Fullmoon wo Sagashite DVD. Oh and we’re still doing those 2 OVAs we mentioned this December.

– SHiN


See that yellow bar on the right? Exactly.


Candy Boy FINAL batch torrent OUT!!!

December 2, 2010

After all the delays, revisions, and tender loving care, we finally did it. This is our final version of Candy Boy! When we say it’s “final”, we really mean it’s final. We thoroughly re-checked everything and I will even say it’s one of the best fansubs we made. Why we took this long to finish a 10 episode (7+ONA+2 EX episodes) series? Simple answer is we needed more sugar, spice, and everything nice.

Our thoughts of this show? It’s short, sweet and uh… lots of uh, subte… it’s a nice show. :3

Are you satisfied with Candy Boy? Sure you do. Wait, what was that? You want more Candy Boy – more sisterly love? Sadly there’s no news, hints regarding of a new OVA series or additional EX episodes or even a spiritual successor. HOWEVER…! There’s a manga adaptation of Candy Boy with new characters and more inces- uh, sisterly love! My personal favorite part in the manga is Kana’s personality upgrade. Sakuya is fine too. You’ll love it! Oh? What’s that? You want to know where to find the translated chapters? You can get the latest chapters from these guys over HERE or HERE.

On to the release!

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Candy Boy… again?

July 17, 2010

Time to bring some life back to our Candy Boy project… with yet another updated versions! Oh, boy. I think we’re the only group in history to make more than 4 versions or more of each episode.

Oh wait, this is not a batch torrent release. This is an announcement that we’re not dropping this series, our determination to finish this still remain strong, and releasing some of the episodes DDL only.¬†We’re not putting the updated ones on bittorrent. For now, the episodes are DDL exclusive. We’ll only put them on bittorrent after we completed all of the episodes. These are the FINAL, I repeat, FINAL versions. There will be no more updates; what you’re going to see is our FINAL fansub version of Candy Boy. We checked everything from audio and video quality, and translation quality. QC Team went all out to finalize these episodes.

You can get the episodes HERE.

EDIT: EX 01 is now available.

Changes? New encodes, frame rate is now variable instead of forced film like we did in the old versions, files are bigger (don’t ask why), updated scripts, updated typesetting, Koi no Katachi music video now uses the audio track from the CD instead of the original audio from the DVD, and fixed some of the bad frames notably in EX 01’s bridge scene.


What do you think of the new and improved, and FINAL versions? =)

Episode EX 01, episode 01 and episode 02 are currently with our QC Team. Expect them… soon.


Project Updates 04-28-2010

April 28, 2010

Click image to enlarge

So much to do with so little time…

  • Shall we ditch the Sasameki Koto TV version and finish it with its DVD version? We’re currently on episode 8 and we already have the DVD versions of episodes 1-6.
  • We’re not so sure about continuing KIDDY-GiRL-and so we might consider dropping it. Too many unavoidable reasons why not to finish it.
  • Working!! is progressing smoothly. Lots of delays but I know you were already expecting that. =)
  • K-ON!! is also progressing smoothly. Delays as usual and we have no intention of dropping it and you know we don’t care if the show is oversubbed or not right?
  • Candy Boy‘s release schedule is not yet confirmed. Our translator is prioritizing Working!! and K-ON!!.
  • Juuden-chan DVD Special 5 will be ready soon.

And oh crap, we have to get these done so I, the ever so adorable SHiN can start working on my Fullmoon wo Sagashite DVD side project.




Project Updates 12/30/09

December 30, 2009

Exaggerated sample subs. Do not take this seriously.

Right! I know some of you were disappointed that we failed to deliver two shows before Christmas, it was… kinda expected… You see, SHiN-gx is synonymous to Red Tape.

Anyway, our status report!

Aoi Hana 10-11 are currently at the hands of our TLC’er (TL of our Aki Sora project, in case you’re wondering) and our editors are waiting to get their hands on them. ETA? Not sure.

Candy Boy DVD batch is running smoothly. Encoding the new batch was a hassle and I, SHiN, is now encoding a new batch. Typesetting is now different from the old version and this time, the fonts are readable and less eye straining. Scripts are also in the hands of our TLC’er and she finished episode 00 and episode 01.

We have not dropped, I repeat, we have not dropped Kiddy Girl-and and Sasameki Koto. We’ll resume fansubbing them AFTER we’re done with the old projects.

EDIT: Oh yeah, I uploaded the FINAL VERSION of Candy Boy 00 and if you’re interested or curious about its output, you can get a copy here:


Candy Boy ONA [h.264+FLAC]


Candy Boy ONA [h.264+FLAC]

In case you didn’t know, Candy Boy is the group’s pet project and the only series SHiN (that’s me) fell in love with. With that, we will do our best to give you the best possible subs out there. Also, I will honestly answer all of your questions like “what’s up with the huge filesize? etc.” AFTER we release the final batch torrent (potential rant and other stuff).


Project Updates

August 20, 2009

Aoi Hana_05b“They”… *ahem* … No wonder it broke!

Time to update you folks because you kept on asking us.

Kannagi DVD Complete Batch:

  • Finished re-encoding episodes 1-2. Episodes 3-4 are currently encoding.
  • Re-timing of scripts 1-4 are not finished.
  • Episode previews (episode 2-14) encoding and script timing are finished.
  • Scripts for the previews are not yet edited.
  • ETA hopefully before the end of August.

Candy Boy DVD Complete Batch:

  • Re-encoding of episodes EX01, 00-04, Music Videos 1-3 are on hold.
  • TLC for all episodes are currently under way.
  • EX02 is not yet translated.
  • Episode 6 passed TLC, waiting for QC’er approval but video encoding is on hold.
  • ETA unknown.

Fight Ippatsu! Juuden-chan 07-08:

  • Timing for episode 7 is done.
  • Timing for episode 8 is in progress. ETA unknown.
  • First pass editing for episode 7 is under way.
  • Encode for episode 7 is ready.
  • Encode for episode 8 is not ready.

Aoi Hana – Sweet Blue Flowers -:

  • Episodes 6 to last are on hold. Will resume after Juuden-chan.

I think I covered everything. *ahem* So there you have it!


I created a blog that’s dedicate for yuri and if you have the time, please drop by. =) Link is HERE. It’s still young and I am currently looking for active yuri bloggers to post some delicious stuff there. I must remind you that the blog contains nudity, sexual themes and images. Enter at your own risks.


Candy Boy 05 DVD is OUT!!!

August 1, 2009

Candy Boy 5 DVD

Yeah, she was more like sucking on it… With her tongue and all…

DVD version of episode 5. Script was translation checked by ~*HT*~ and made some minor improvements on the script timing, styling, etc. Episode 6 DVD coming soon!

Two subtitle tracks. Primary track contains the dialogue with TL notes and Credits. Secondary track contains the dialogue only.


Candy Boy 05 DVD (h.264+softsubs)

DDL: (Megaupload)

Candy Boy 05 DVD (h.264+softsubs)

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Thank you for downloading and please seed as much as you can!

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