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Looking for a rare Escaflowne short special

July 28, 2012

I was minding my own business when suddenly I recalled something — I once saw a Vision of Escaflowne TV short a decade ago. If my memory serves me correctly, it’s about Hitomi finding Van on Earth. It was a very short special running around 3-4 minutes and we want it… We want it fansubbed. No, it’s not one of those videos found in the Escaflowne video game for the Playstation. It was more like… damn… My memory of it is very faint. Hitomi was running around and chasing a chibi Van… Goddamn. That’s all I can remember. It was lighthearted and comedic in nature.

If you guys know something about this special or offer clues, please leave us a comment. Right now we’re scanning Share for the special. If we find it, we will fansub it.

UPDATE: I asked a close friend and said it was a manga short. He’s not entirely sure.

— SHiN


Super Robot Wars OG Trailer OUT!!!

September 6, 2010

Announcing our new project with Mamiko Subs – Super Robot Wars Original Generation – The Inspector!

What’s this show all about? We can summarize it in 3 words – BIG FUCKING ROBOTS!

Me and gx99– uh I mean, yukachi are big fans of the mecha genre and since we both played the games, we decided to sub the trailer and eventually the series itself (we always wanted to sub a mech anime). With that said, we’re now looking for a dedicated translator to help us sub the series. Yep. Other than the vacant position mentioned, we are practically prepared everything. From timer, to editor, from encoder to distro. Oh and don’t worry about the SRW terms and references, yukachi is very knowledgeable and will greatly help you. =)


  • Experienced
  • Fluent in both Japanese and English language
  • Reasonable fast at translating, and…
  • Dedicated

For more information, please contact yukachi from #Mamiko or SHiN from #SHiN-gx or leave your contact info here and we’ll contact you ASAP.


SRW OG – The Inspector (h.264+softsubs)

DDL: (Megaupload)

SRW OG – The Inspector (h.264+softsubs)


Drop by our IRC channel!

Comments? Suggestions? Please tell us!

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