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Shoujo Sect 2 OUT!!! And some stuff.

June 25, 2015

Here’s our current situation: Episodes 9 up of Kannagi weren’t translated by Kaizer because he’s having his vacation and won’t be back in a few days, so Kannagi will be delayed… more… “More delay?” Yep. =) The good news is that he translated episode 8 and also translated episode 2 of Shoujo Sect before he boarded the plane. We prioritized Shoujo Sect over Kannagi and as you can see, the episode’s out.

Before anybody asks “what’s up with the long delay on Shoujo Sect 2?”, the answer is very quite simple: We don’t have a dedicated translator back then. During the joint with Genjo-Subs, we kinda stole… uh… borrowed Kaizer and told him to TL Shoujo Sect. He didn’t do it right away because Kannagi was our top priority. After he did translate it, the release took longer still because the main editor for Shoujo Sect, Adam, was missing, uh… busy from his work and Kannagi too. With limited resources SHiN-gx & Genjo-Subs has, we can manage only one episode per week.

Now that’s settled, here is Shoujo Sect 2 with the same flavor we gave you in episode 1! But wait a minute! What’s that? “When’s episode 3?”, you say? To give you a deadline, it’ll be out next year. 😛 Hey, it’s the holidays! We need a vacation too, y’know!

Back to the episode! What can we say? Shoujo Sect 2 packs two punches! Yuri and Teacher-Student action! The “oomph” of the art and animation dropped a bit but it still looks nice. The story was modified a bit and manga readers might be disappointed. However, this is our suggestion to you: “Watch the show without taking in the manga’s story”. That way, you’ll enjoy more. To those who wants to read the manga and go in depth with the characters, there are many groups doing it but we suggest Dynasty Scans. We have no comment to… uh… the other group name escapes me for the moment, but no matter, we’re not reading that version.


Shoujo Sect ~Innocent Lovers~ 2nd period (h.264+fully softsubbed)


Shoujo Sect ~Innocent Lovers~ 2nd period (h.264+fully softsubbed)


Hello, this is SHiN_aKuMa, the encoder and one of the two founders of SHiN-gx Fansubs. To those who followed that recent disturbance about on some retarded individual who got the nerve to insult us in our lil blog. Well, to be frank, I haven’t really replied to him honestly and to put this to a close, this is my final word:

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Candy Boy – DDL Updates

November 4, 2008

It’s not like I gave you DDL because I like you or anything…

In case you guys missed them, I posted the DDL links for Candy Boy 3 – Crossing Barriers XviD version and the Candy Boy – Candy ☆ Boy Music Video. If you find it hard to download through bittorrent, DDL will help you.

Regarding Kannagi – Crazy Shrine Maidens episodes 4 and 5, the SHiN-gx and Genjo-Subs team are still working on it. And we might release episode 4 sometime this week. So don’t think we dropped the show already!

That’s it… Oh and you do know Kagami~n is SHiN-gx Fansubs’ (un)official mascot?



Candy Boy and Shoujo Sect, predicted to be delayed for a long time

September 21, 2008

Needs more Candy Boy official art and fan art. Darn things are rare.

I’ll post this in advance.

Candy Boy episode 3 will be showing on the 26th and Shoujo Sect will be on the 25th, that’s a few days away! Unfortunately, our release of the two series will be delayed for a very long time. The reason is that… *drum rolls* …you guess it, again! We don’t have a second translator.

How did we hold up and continue releasing episodes with one main TL until now?

Because we had help from many sources in the past.

Why aren’t we asking them for help again?

Because they don’t want to. Our second TL for Candy Boy episode 02 was the TL for Moetaku-Fansubs and he had to quit because he’s working with thier Nogizaka Haruka no Himitsu, Sekirei and many others. The TL for Candy Boy EX 01 and Shoujo Sect, quit because he just came into our group and help out a bit because he was bored and now, he’s working full-time at some establishment.

So yeah, the episodes will be delayed for a while. I am still looking for translators for the group. Going to broaden my search and cross my fingers. So far, no luck, yet. =) Oh, it’s not like you’re going to sulk in a corner and wait for us to release. There are many groups out there that’s doing a faster pace than us. Of course, things will be different because our brand of fansubbing is not similar to theirs. If you’re interested in helping us translate at least Candy Boy and Shoujo Sect ~Innocent Lovers~, please read first the second sticky post for the details before you drop us your application letter. =D

Now that I’ve said that, I wish you have a pleasant day!

– Head Honcho and the group’s obsessive Kagami~n fanboi


Shoujo Sect ~Innocent Lovers~ Trailer OUT!!!

July 1, 2008

Shoujo Sect ~Innocent Lovers~

So what made us decide to sub a Yuri H-anime? We simply just like to sub it and… uh… SHiN (that’s me) is a wacko when it comes to Yuri.

OK! What is Shoujo Sect ~Innocent Lovers~? It’s based on an adult manga of the same name; written and illustrated by Kurogane Ken. The story is about a group of girls and their relationships at an all-girls school. Sounds familiar? Good guess! The only difference between the two shows is Shoujo Sect is more on doing her than doing her ribbon, if you know what I mean. Haha! Just kidding!


I’ve getting a lot of emails recently requesting a download link for Shoujo Sect ~Innocent Lovers~ trailer. It’s a hassle for me to individually give them the link so I’ll post it here instead.

Trailer here

Enjoy this short trailer!

The Staff of SHiN-gx Fansubs